Connection identification

Hi all

Could somebody please identify what size JST connection is pictured here. I ordered a micro and that was too small. I am assuming it’s the next size up but don’t know what that’s called. inCollage_20190827_170112018

Thank you.

Give us a scale - a ruler next to it, preferably in millimeters.

Sure thing. 8mm x 5mm.IMG_20190827_174141 @MysticalDork

pretty sure they are all jst-ph 2.0

if this is the same size as the connectors then i am certain


For future reference, the main identifying feature of those connectors is the pin pitch - the spacing between them. The external dimensions are much less critical. Common sizes are 2.5mm, 2.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.25mm, and 1.0mm.



Awesome, I appreciate the responses! I have been able to order the correct one now. Cheers.

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