Connections not match

Hi everyone, it may look straight forward but I can’t figure out how these two connections should match… it is too loose when connecting the motor wired to the vesc, any ideas?

The connectors are probably different sizes, one is 5mm and the other 4mm

Without knowing what gear you are using, I would guess the bullet connectors are different sizes. Lot so ESC/VESC’s come with 5.5mm or 4mm bullet connectors and a lot of motors come with 5.5mm or 4mm bullet connectors.

Buy these and resolder the ends to match.

Just bought them, thanks :slight_smile:

Another quick question, should I go with XT60s or XT90s? Running a Turnigy 6374 10S Vesc

xt90, bigger the better, more current thru xt90s, especially since you’re running 10s.

I say go with XT90’s, they handle more amps and cant hurt. Plus they are a lot easier to solder.