Connector for outboard charge only BMS

Hello, i’m about to build a 12S4P LION battery with no BMS in the skate enclosure. I will just charge it with the BMS. I will connect the charger and the BMS only when i will charge the battery. so, i need a 13pin connector to wire the balance lead on the enclosure to link it withe the outboard BMS and charger. (power charging will of couse be done by a 5mm connector). (i’m thinking of the old serial connector we had on our computer, will it be ok? for sure not for waterproof…) I think there is no intensity problem, because balance lead only carry little amp, correct me if i’m wrong

Witch connector are you using? do you have a weather proof one in mind? thanks

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I have seen people use a serial port for charging in the past and it seems like it works great for balance leads. You are correct about the balance wires not needing to be very thick.

To make it more water resistant you could create a cover for the serial port by cutting the end off another serial port, covering all the wires so they can’t short if they get wet and inserting that cover after you are done charging before you ride.

This would be another option maybe. Listed as IP67.

Found here

Yes, thanks i’ll have a look. But seems à big one… Andy other idea ?

Go on digikey and mouser and look for 13pins connectors, automotive ones are usually waterproof (look at the specs before buying tho). Im sure you’ll find what you are looking for on those sites… it might take a while of searching around so patience is key :wink: