Connector options

I cant fit an 8awg wire in an xt90s though. and I imagine the solder connections to the plug would affect the resistivity.

hear you bro, i’m on either castle or lmt bullets (400a rated)… AS150 are also good to 200a?

Split the wire in 2 and use a xt 90 for each wire Then back into one wire if you do not want to wait

next step up is XT150 if staying with bullets with shrouds from Amass. Then AN150 (AS150 i think is the antispark version).

Amass also has plain bullets in various sizes, 6mm, 6.5mm, 8mm. The 6.5 looks very attractive, stubby and huge.

And what @Cobber said.

Castle has a bunch of higher rated stuff

LMT looks awesome but $$$ and hard to get in the US?

EDIT took a shot of the stuff I’ve hoarded up. 8awg fits XT150 easy.

I did 8AWG lipo to xt90. You just can’t tin the wire, So I lightly tinned the connector, And fluxed the wire and drooped some flux on the connector. Then just put some solder on the wire and keep it heating until you can push solder on the wire and saturate it (While placed in the xt90 connector.).

Or you could tin the wire and then sand it down, I don’t know if that works haven’t tried.

Yeah I only use the AS150, they are bigger than the XT150 & are rated to 200a v 150a. I use AS150 as my std lipo battery lead connector (also on my charge leads) so no sparky-sparky when shuffling around battery packs. I also use a AS150 on each of my ESC leads in case of emergency. I used to “F” around splicing wires together then binding them with copper wire to make parallel connectors. Now I just do it @Hummie style & heat the two wires with my hot air gun while blow torching a LMT bullet full of solder, then just plunge the wire in, bit more heat… done.Good for 8AWG/8AWG connections.

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