Connector rating and performance

Hey guys! I am looking into the different options available for battery connectors. So far, I read that XT60 are plenty fine, but I don’t totally trust them for some reason and will probably go with XT90 for safety. As I understand the naming is basically : XT+the amps rating right? Do you guys have any other connector suggestions?

XT90 is pretty much standard I think. Alot of batterypacks run XT90, they’re very common. I’d stick to that if you want a good option. If you run parallell packs you could get away with XT60, but why bother?

XT-90 and direct soldering of the wires, more efficient and more secure than connectors.

What are you running that is greater than 60 Amps? Also the XT60’s can handle more than 60 amps.

Deans also work really well

Traxxas connectors, deans connectors are great but harder to solder, due to their compact nature

I love using bullet connectors. 5mm or 5.5mm have been great for me. Although XT-90S are great if you build does not have a on off switch.


+1 for bullet connectors. 5.5mm are the stuff.

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Why is it better for built with no switch?

The XT90S is better because it has the Anti-Spark built in. If your connectors are constantly sparking when you connect the battery or charger they’ll get worn out fast.

There are also XT150 available. 150A rated!!! Probably overkill, but very attractively priced compared to the XT90.

Xt60 are fine… Show me some melted xt60’s and I’ll upgrade to xt90. I run 12s. Totally fine just use an antispark

Do you think I’d I have a xt90 to xt60 convertor I should be fine? I have a 10s3p liion battery with built in switch with a xt90 but my vesc has an xt60