Constant speed setting for VESC

Still new with VESC’s and I cant seem to find anything regarding my specific problem.

I longboard dance, and I would like to make an electric dancer build. When I am dancing, it is difficult to keep the speed constant controlling with the throttle while flinging my arms about and shifting my center of gravity drastically on the board. It would be easier to keep the throttle at max. But obviously I cant dance at 40km/h.

Is it possible in the VESC settings to set the motors to go at a constant speed at max throttle? (10km/h = ~25% of max speed) And when the voltage dips throughout, it stays at 10km/h until the voltage is too low to physically support that.

This scenario doesn’t need to account for hills, because dancing is usually on flat ground anyways.

I have only had experience with the generic chinese esc’s with the “4 mode remote”. However, even with “mode 2”, the speed decreases proportionally with the voltage level as time goes on.


I do know the “PID Speed control” VESC app contains the functionality you want, but I don’t know anything about it because I’ve never used it.

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If you have Metr you could make a profile with speed limited to 10kmh and then switch to it when you are dancing. Then all you need is to full throttle.


Second the metr suggestion… it is stable at holding the speed at whatever you like… I use it for my kids, a different speed for each.


Haha great, you should change the thread name to this :grinning:

I also think modes are the way to go, so you can ride faster if needed and change to the “dancing mode” on the fly.

The new Vesc-Tool mobile app has modes, too where you can limit to e.g. 10km/h.

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Wait… now I’m interested, too. That sounds like almost real cruise control. If you set it to e.g. 20km/h does that mean if you ride uphill the motors turn faster to stay at 20km/h? Also the throttle is like a dead man switch if you release full throttle.

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Yes to the speed hold up a hill, as you release the throttle it doesn’t slow until the throttle passes the speed limit set in metr…


If you are using any arduino based remote you can assign any button to be cruise control, it will keep the speed no matter what


thanks for all the suggestions guys! :slight_smile: I’ll definitely look into all those!

Of coure @rich is already in the thread :slight_smile: