Constructive Criticism and Intellectual Property Ethics

No Jason, I’m pointing out that you have a record on here as being pretty hostile when you get worked up. So it’s kinda ironic seeing you swing this position.


Sadly legal matters are never easy things to deal with, often get very messy, fast!. but they are normally always based on facts.

Is a mental excersise. If you start seeing bad things all over, then at the end of the day all appears bleak. Glass is half full or is half empty… is your decision how your day will end.

A little positive won’t hurt nobody. But this…:roll_eyes::point_up_2: makes you wonder…

And most business professionals would understand how detrimental to a community a ‘leader’ throwing legal threats can be. The fact that you believe that to be an appropriate topic to air in the public says a lot


I never said don’t defend yourself against an attack, I simply said don’t gang up with others & spray hate for fun.

Tell ya what, let’s go back to talking about skateboards


And where have I done this? You’ve accused me in this thread of basically being the poster boy of what you’re describing.

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There is no law or rules that prevent discussion about patents, copyrights, or licenses etc - it can be discussed civilly & publicly if needed, sometimes it needs to be public, sometimes it should be private…

Exactly my point. Tossing Legal threats on a forum like this comes across as bullying, given the source.


You sound like an angry dude looking for a fight…

I can assure you that this topic is nowhere near worth the emotional energy to make me angry.

This sounds more like a defensive reaction from someone being called out on bullying behavior.

Does anyone here honestly doubt that you’ve been shitty towards Torqueboards?

Stones, glass houses. Pretty simple.


Can you guys please just take this to pm’s? I think some people might want to look at the actual thread… xD (P.s. didn’t meant to come off negative)


There is a huge difference between;

Two people disagreeing about one topic


A group of people joining together slinging hate around for fun.

If you can’t tell the difference between the two then that’s a topic for a different forum

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I actually kinda like it… looks like 4wd hubs too…

Wtf!!! This is singling someone out Jason…

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This is called being a “tool”. Kids, dont be a tool. This goes for you grown ups as well.


I’m pretty amused that you think you’re boxing in the same weight category here by dropping such novel concepts as “emotional intelligence”. Taking some night college classes are we?

I didn’t see hate being slung around in this thread. I saw people being skeptical about Renders of a ‘product’ that looks like it will never see the light of day. People are just leery of vaporware.

My point in all of this is that you are not the right person to champion the “be good to people” cause. It comes across as pretty insincere to any of the regulars who have seen you spiral into manic little fits again and again on here.

You and Frank are potentially the two most toxic people on this forum. That’s my opinion, but I doubt I hold it alone. Prove me wrong, I would love to be wrong on this.


no, not really…

it’s a genuine question about the person’s opinion.

you are so hard to get along with. chill bro.

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This entire forum was created so people could share ideas and so that we can all come together to build the industry.

attacking some fun & futuristic renders with unfounded negativity is just sad.