🤘🏻CONTEST*🤘🏻 GRIP TAPE Design - MOST❤️ LIKES WINS! - ENDS 11:59pm PST 8/31

lol thanks! I used a scissor for the main cuts and an exacto knife for the fine tuning. Dulled the crap out of both and made a mess all over my room from the grits but it was worth it:)

Took a little time with a blunt knife but we got there :slight_smile:


We have some real artists up in hear. You guy’s should start to sell these custom grip-tapes.

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Can someone explain me how to do this? :smiley:

take a picture of your griptape and upload it here

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dude, i mean how to make this griptape so nice

oh ahaha, they probably print out a design and cut it out of the grip tape

I know I’m in 3rd place but I just free handed mine. Cut strips and started laying them out

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Oooooh snap… @theviith is in the lead

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First place here we come!


Making the most of the ugly stickers I get from the wheel and truck companies.


Need to get a pack of cheap stickers off eBay and just sticker bomb the crap out of the deck

Here’s my board.


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With 29❤️

@theviith whoops everyone’s ass

PM ME YOUR ADDRESS so I can mail you your prizes!

Thanks to all for playing!.


haha thanks guys, @bigpianist came really close too!

Will post up pics of this build once the new enclosure and LED lighting is complete

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As promised, here is the completed build. Enjoy!