Control spreadsheets

@E-Boarding made an amazing spreadsheet:

I was wondering what one of the columns meant… It said control and the answers were like wireless, infrared, Bluetooth, weight sensing, and 2.4 Ghz… what are the differences?

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It’s how you control the board.

Wireless - Probably uses a regular RF signal like non-bluetooth wireless keyboards/mice. Doubt this is WiFi. Bluetooth - uses a hand-held Bluetooth Remote (2.4ghz) 2.4ghz - uses a hand-held 2.4ghz Remote - custom 2.4ghz signal like the GT2B Weight Sensing - You shift your weight on the board and that makes it go forward or backwards.

The biggest difference is a controller in your hand (wireless, bluetooth, 2.4ghz) vs shifting your weight on the board without a hand-held controller.


What’s the difference between wireless and Bluetooth?

Simply, Wireless (RF) is cheaper and you can run into interference problems. Bluetooth won’t and is generally more reliable.

If I had to rate best to worst:

2.4ghz Bluetooth Wireless (RF)

But a crappy antenna on 2.4ghz won’t work as well as a great antenna on RF, so it really depends.

More reading:



In most cases wireless means I don’t know exactly, so a generic form of wireless connection which can be bluetooth, radio, 2.4 or whatever

What does RF stand for…never mind (edit)

What is wifi controler¿?

What’s the difference. Sorry for the spam…

They both use the same frequency but 2.4ghz is usually specifically designed for the purpose. Means it will probably pair faster and be a little more reliable, but I honestly don’t think you will notice a difference between the two. Both are good choices.

I think you may need to step back and figure out what you are trying to get out of this. Reviews of the completed boards may tell you more about controller reliability than looking at the specific technology.

So Bluetooth falls under the catagory of wireless, and it runs at 2.4 ghz?

Does anyone know…Hello???

Just what are the types of remotes that all I need to know…:triumph::joy::sob:

2.4ghz is the radio frequency that many different things run off of such as:

  • Bluetooth
  • Custom/proprietary radio controllers (GT2B)
  • WiFi

They aren’t interchangeable.

The “wireless” category as listed by E-Boarding’s spreadsheet could be any hand-held controller without a wired connection. Could be the above protocols or could be a lower tech “Radio Frequency - 700mhz/900mhz, etc” protocol.

I’m sorry, last question what would be a wired connection?

They don’t exist in the esk8 world, just trying to explain the word “wireless” since it can mean a few different things.

You have to connect a hand-held controller to the skateboard’s electronics somehow.

You could do that with a wire - but no one does because that would be dumb.

You could do that with a wireless connection. That could be any number of technologies (bluetooth, 2.4ghz, RF, etc).