Controller Like the GT2B But smaller!

So i have the 2.4ghz pistol grip quanum Or how ever its spelt. I have this comtroller and inside the electronics are tiny! Anyone got some ideas for a small enclosure? Just need to cut the trimming stick thing down a bit. The only issue is it requires 4*AAA batteries. I cant be bothered to put a Lipo or liion cell inside. Can i solder AAA battery terminals together?


my hand is for size comparison haha.

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I have the same controller and would also be interested :slight_smile:

In the top right corner is a search bar. Type in “gt2b mod” Not so hard

But that’s not a gt2b


The problem is that it isn´t a gt2b so the pcb and the parts are different :wink:


Read the topic Tarzan, not so hard


Ive made a 3d design on 123D design. Looks similar to the boosted/winning/Gt2b enclosure mod.

alright sorry for that, i really just read gt2b smaller… don´t drink and text :monkey:


I was just plaayin lol, but I feel like it is easier to just get the gt2b which is really cheap anyway and just get a gt2b mod. No need to worry about AAA batteries as well.

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That remote is so annoying because it sucks batteries so much you have to replace them every other ride

@Hummie ive had my batteries in there a month and they have only been used about half the capacity…

I’ve had three of them and they all sucked batteries an I’ve heard the same from others.

Yes that’s an issue for me too, and it’s not fun when you’re halfway on your ride :frowning: