Controller signals dropping out with vesc

So i recently got a vesc…i set it up and everything is working fine except i will ride about 2/3 miles and my controller will drop out…its only started doing it with the vesc and i have the quanum 2.4ghz controller. It will drop out but then when i restart my controller and board it will connect again for like 20/30 seconds then disconnect. Anyone got any solutions? Recon ive damaged my controller? Let me know please!

Without wanting to state the obvious, have you checked your controller batteries? I had the same symptoms today that turned out to be my controller battery.

It’s probably the controller. Quanum is shit

Yeah its shit i just drove over it with my car…legit (On purpose)

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A car will cause considerable damage. I’d definitely point to that as the cause of your current and any future issues with the remote :stuck_out_tongue:

But in seriousness, does this mean you’ve “solved” the issue now?