Controller works but brake doesnt work almost at all

Setup 149kv turnigy sk3 motor

Vesc, No more link but it has firmware 2.18 Controller that has been tested to work: Battery: 10s 4p lithium battery that has been tested on my 500w ebike and it works

my controller is good because i can see the pulsewidth changing consistently and smoothly with the controller When my motor is over the 300rpm (the minimum rpm for max brake) the brake just doesnt work. How do i fix this? These are screenshots of my BLDC configuration

did you input the max and min pulse width according to the readings in the box next to the green bar display? and write to the vesc?

Yes i put the throttle to max and put that value in. And also the throttle low

Does this remote have a mode feature? Beginner and regular?

No it can only change channes with a switch. There is no more change button