Controlling Servo via VESC and PPM

Good Midday,

i am Robert from Germany and i need some help. I am a newbie with vesc, so please apologize my stupid questions. I am trying to control a servo ( test and checkktronik-und-zubehoer/servos/standard-groesse/standard-48-60-volt/traxxas-digital- test and checkservo-waterproof-2075-trx2075.html), via the ppm signal of the vesc. This should happen via a python script. I am using the library pyvesc by LiamBindle. The packages from the pyVesc library, should be send with the library pySerial. Im already able to control the “Main” Motor (, via the python script. But actually i am failing to control the servo. I tried at first, to control the servo from the vesc tool but i did not found any possibility to do this. So i tried to create a new message in pyvesc, but when i execute the script to control the servo, nothing happens. So how am i able to control a servo with a vesc? I really appreciate your help and some information.

The source code for the python script is the following:

import serial
import pyvesc
#creating the new messsage
class SetServoPos(metaclass=pyvesc.VESCMessage):
    id = 12
    fields = [
        ('servo', 'i')

def setrpm():
    # function to set the rpm of the motor: This function works properly
    ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyACM0')
    my_msg = pyvesc.SetRPM(5000)
    my_packet = pyvesc.encode(my_msg)
def steering():
    # function to control the servo: In  this function is the issue.
    ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyACM0')
    my_msg = SetServoPos(180)
    my_packet = pyvesc.encode(my_msg)
if __name__ == '__main__':

Attached you find a picture of the servo and the vesc.

Kindly regards