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Hello, I want to build an electric longboard for a great trip, therefore I need a long a little special since I need a lot of autonomy, that can climb slopes or ports, that is robust and that can carry a good average speed, to If I have several doubts. I have more or less chosen the initial configuration, starting from a table skate drop down and two engines of 192kv. Now is where the doubts come: 1º The batteries, how many, type, etc, the idea is to take some sunsets and another game or two in a trailer to go changing and load them at night, now I would not want to carry them on the table since I need mobility.

2nd Vesc or Esc, I do not understand anything and what I have read does not clarify anything, but I would need some robust and easy to configure.

3º Support of engines and developments, better belt or chain and some that are durable clear.

Well sure I get many questions, I hope you can help me because I’m very lost.

Thank you very much, greetings.

I was thinking about a long range board recently. I thought maybe it should have a battery pack underneath but also have a pack on top between your feet. I haven’t done the math but my target was a 50 mile range, so a wild guess would be 10s20p.

But I’m also pretty intrigued by the battery packs that come with weed wackers. If you could mount 2 (or even 3) of those on the board and then another complete set charging in the SAG then that might do the trick.

It would definitely have to be a mountain board because any time you are covering long distances you’re bound to run into gravel, and it would have to be dual motor to cover long climbs.

So if weight is no object it seems pretty straight forward :slight_smile:

Using a deck drop down allows the ground clearance to be lower and allow the trip to be more comfortable. He had thought to carry the batteries in the trailer and in this way to leave the skate free. Another question is, if in case of running out of battery I could push the skateboard with my leg.

Sure you can push it but it will weight tons :smiley: even my dual 10s4p setup is heavy AF so you can imagine how much some board with 10s20p weight.

I would choose very flexible deck, big soft wheels and soft risers. Stiff deck is just awfull when you ride long trips.

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Agreed on pushing the board. Forget it for more then a mile or 2.

Trailer is an interesting idea. Certainly you could fit a lot of batteries in there plus some gear if you were self-support. I planned to have a SAG (Support and Gear) vehicle follow me for my trip (which didn’t work out).

All my boards are drop deck so that’s assumed. I would also add some sort of suspension. I’m quite enamored of the flexboardz suspension - I would probably try to replicate that.

@DougM Just calculated it and on dual motors with 10S20P would get you roughly 75-85 miles depending on how you ride :joy:

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I do not understand anything about batteries and about vesc, but autonomy I need to be able to climb long slopes and lower them.:alegría:

@CheIris don’t know if this would be an attractive solution to you but I had an idea about a year ago to try and attach a trailer with extra massive batteries to the back of a mountainboard, that way the front board still stays light and versatile and you could use a strong wire to supply the ESC and motors under your feet. The trailer I built (at home in the US, no pictures at the moment) has a cubit foot dedicated to camping gear for when I take it on the trip, and another two feet dedicated to what one day will hopefully be the battery. In theory, that means you could fit 170 cells in there, or a 10s17p battery. If you use Samsung 30Q cells with 3000mah each, that’s 51,000mah which means 50+ mile range easily. I don’t have the time or the money right now to make this happen, but maybe you do and I would love to see something like that if you have the resources to do so.

Also to answer your other questions:

Vesc is better but ESC is easier to just plug-n-play.

Chain is more durable but needs more maintenance and is usually louder than Belt

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@Dougieman1001 since you’ve got your calculator out and warmed up, I’m looking at a Husqvarna BLi20 battery pack. It’s 26.5v 4.0Ah, 146 Wh, I’m guessing it’s an 8s2p. Can you calculate theoretical range per pack?

It’s ~4" wide by ~5" long so I could fit 6 on a good size board - 2 between the feet and 2 each on the front and rear risers.

This brings up an interesting question - what is the longest distance a person has ridden an esk8? I’ve maybe done 15 miles max on a smooth mostly-flat paved trail. Can one do 50 miles?

We’ve gotten close to 27 miles on a single charge with a single motor board. 8s5p li-ion pack (25r’s) 230kv 6374 motor 4.12/2.18 vesc 80mm purple kegel wheels 12mm wide belt 16t motor pulley 36t wheel pulley top speed of 25mph

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I find this quite useful.

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This configuration seems interesting to me, not stretching much but having no space problems since I’m going to take a trailer, it could double the autonomy? Is it better 8s5p li-ion package (25r) than 10s5p or that 12s5p? I’m very lost.

I’ve gotten 33 miles on a 10s6p. Lots of stop and go, and I wasn’t really trying for range. Supposedly, from what I’ve read, there are increasing returns on range as you scale up since heat becomes less and less of an issue.

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“Is it better 8s5p li-ion package (25r) than 10s5p or that 12s5p?”

The parallel § will give you the range and the series (S) will give you the power. 6s is great for level riding, 10s will get you better climbing and 12s I think is the max for the VESC so I’d be leery of that.

based purely on stories above, and depending on the cell, 5p gets 27 miles, 20p gets 80 miles, so you can tune from there.
with dual motor, presumably, you’ll get less.

How did you get it with an engine or two engines?

I think with same power and dual motor setup you’d get more range… I’d like to see this tested but haven’t seen any posts about it yet. If you are splitting the power/amps between the two VESCs and motors and splitting the amount of force that needs to be transferred through the drive train since all that work is being shared and consequent reduced heat might offset the losses due to friction of more moving parts (I dunno but my gut says it must be better overall, sometimes my gut is wrong though).

^^ according to article basically they have different motors that are more efficient at different speeds and makes up for the extra weight to give the dual motor versions more efficiency overall, but think in our case our weight as riders is the major factor regarding weight so an extra motor weight won’t really matter much (weight wise).

That looks crazy @DougM, although it looks like old tech. The mounting tubes have the volume to hold the internals for a couple of mtb fork cartridges, Could be springs and oil or gas… That thread was pretty old do they still make them?

From what I’ve read on the forum, a duel motor uses about 30% more battery if you use the extra power on hand and 4wd uses about 30% more again. Nowind has a discussion about it in his 4wd trampa build thread from memory.

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cool thanks will see if I can dig that up

@chelris It’s a Dual.

@wafflejock check this thread out:

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