Convert Koowheel Hub to Belt Drive

So i’ve got a bunch of extra motors and a koowheel d3m onyx lying around. Has anyone ever heard of someone converting the koowheel to a belt drive? I’m just thinking it’d be cool to have an extra board for friends to ride. I’ve got a couple brushless motors, old escs, etc.

it wont work, only thing you can covert it to is DD

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I mean if you don’t like the hubs I’ll take them off you

I mean so even if I bought a motor mount, soldered the other esc I have to the battery, all that, it wouldn’t be possible?

no? cause how you gonna transfer the energy from the motor to the wheel with a belt…

also the motor would be way to big, almost the size of a wheel meaning your motor mounts will have to be super low, in turn having the motor uncomfortably close to the ground and still not have nuch of a turning radius

I have an extra motor mount, set of wheels with gears, motor, belt, esc, soldering gun. I’m looking to scrap the hub motors. So, I want to take off the hub motors and put on normal wheels with the gears and put on new belt motors, all of which I have. The tricky part I was originally asking about was setting that up with the original Koowheel battery and mother board.

yeah its might be worth trying but im telling you, the hub motors are too big and will get damaged due to scraping on the ground… if you try a normal length mount

^only way to possibly give the motors some clearance is reverse mount + extended length mount

but also there is no way to mount a hub motor on a motor mount…

Noooooooooooo. Hub motors are being removed from the board, and aren’t coming back. They will have nothing to do with the build. I want to remove the hub motors. I happen to have extra brushless belt drive motors that I will then mount to a new set of trucks with motor mounts. I’m not worried about mounting the belt motors or anything to the board. I’m curious about how to hook up the old Koowheel battery to a different esc and still successfully charge it. But again, the hub motors will be removed and won’t have anything to do with this build. Converting Koowheel Hub board to belt drive board. I don’t want to convert hub motors into belt driven motors, that doesn’t make any sense.

your phrasing is off then… or i cant interpret properly :face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused::man_facepalming:

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Can I buy them? I got a set that isn’t looking so hot

probably not worth the effort in converting. If i were you i’d salvage the battery, sell the hubs, sell whatever else you can and start a fresh build.


He wants to use his koowheel battery and esc to drive normal belt outrunner motor like this:


He DOES NOT want to convert a hub motor into a motor used to drive a belt board…

was that message meant tword me? or @maxchilton?



The ESC built into Koowheel D3M is for hub motor. Motor KV is completely different from belt drive motor. It is not worth trying.

You can but it will go really fast with not a lot of torque…may hit the erpm limit first

Phrasing looked perfectly clear to me :confused:

Then your comment is late

your phrasing is off then… or i cant interpret properly :face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused::man_facepalming:

Your comment made it seem like you still did not understand what he was trying to say. I did understand and so did others. Considering @Chrisjarram commented thinking the same thing on a later timeline as well, i’m not the only one.

Not a big deal man, just trying to help…

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