Convert metro board stealth to at or mtb

Looking to convert a Metroboard stealth to an all terrain with 8 inch pneumatics. Will change trucks and wheels. Need advice. Also willing to trade with an mtb/atv board. Bill

What advice do you need? there is a lot of work around the gearing ratio and fitting the gear to the hub and stuff… :smiley:

Need advice for all parts needed. New to building. Can this be done with a Metroboard? Does not have the 30 degree bend of mountain boards to accommodate mountain flat trucks.

Well if you want to put the bend there, I saw somewhere something like a riser block but it was angled, I will try to find it. There is a wite where you can calculate all the drive hardware.{“batt-type-lipo”:0,“batt-cells”:10,“motor-kv”:250,“system-efficiency”:80,“motor-pulley-teeth”:14,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:50,“wheel-size”:127}| Just put your numbers in and it spits out some other numbers :smiley: It depends on what you want, if high speed or high torque. For a mtb you would probably want more torque and less speed.

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