Converting non-esk8 skateboards to esk8

Maybe I didn’t search thoroughly enough but I have a question about converting non-esk8 boards to esk8 boards. Obviously not all boards are convertible (i.e. boards with too much flex which can damage the motors or electronics underneath, shortboards with insufficient wheelbase, etc…), but are there any other issues to be aware of? Let’s say I have a sector 9 longboard. Some are only 5 ply maple, is that a problem in terms of durability? I have seen a few threads on Sector 9 conversion, but didn’t seem to say too much about the board after the conversion was completed. Thank you in advance.

No matter how much flex or how small the wheelbase is you can make it.

Can you imagine it? You can most likely make it.

Your imagination and wallet is the limit!

And depends on how you mount your stuff if you use a wood threaded insert 5 ply might be a little to low without it being held on with epoxy or glue :slight_smile:


Thank you.

Heavy emphasis on wallet in my experience :joy:


In my experience anything under 9 ply ( standard plus) require a lot if maintenance and eyeballing to make sure it’s safe and fun. That being said, I’ve built short boards, long boards, I even built a tan Tien (which was crap BTW).

There’s some really smart ways to get past some issues like double stacked battery oacks, charge only BMS, wedge risers, elaborate and/or split enclosures, etc. Check out the #e-board-builds category, if it’s been encountered someone has thought if a way past it.