Converting Trampa Hypa to 8mm axle?

Is there a way to do this, I really dont have the money for new trucks :smiley: Cant find a bearing with these dimensions, any ideas?

You should be able to find regular ABEC bearing with the ID you want so you can use regular wheels on those trucks. I bought some 9.5mm ID bearings so I could use thane on ATS 12 trucks.

Check the thread out - it’s been asked before

The last selection on the list is the demensions for the bearings that come with superstar wheels if they r the same as the hypa then it should work just one mm of width extra and the 8mm id to work on regular axles I have ordered them when I receive them I will let you know how they work

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trampa hubs needs ~ 36 mm axle. otherwise woould be good option

Yes you would need longer axles either way.

Cheapest things to do would be to remove part of the hanger to expose more of the axle. Or purchase tb218 trucks from

Yea I was planning to do that, but now I might buy trampa trucks

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@Acido, I read on the Trampa site their 125 mm Gummies fit the Hypa rim, but says nothing about working with the SuperStar rim (??) I previously thought it was designed for both rims but I guess I was wrong. What do you know about It?

I ask because I think I got a partial solution for this dilema… If they Gummies by any chance, also work on the SuperStar, we may overcome the 12 mm - 10 mm limitation (don’t know why Trampa behave like this producing parts few could use, disregarding 95% of the esk8ing world which uses the universal 8 mm axle diameter ??)…

…Board Bumpers already offers this 8 mm axle Trampa SuperStar Hub Bearing Adapter Set. Check It out…



I have tramper infinity trucks for mountainboard and it has a 15 mm collor on the 12mm axle before the wheel. How do i shorten the axle to get the wheel nearer the truck??? Dose that grub screw on the trucks lossen it???

Hypa and Superstar hubs are the same size… One is sixspoke plastic one is five spoke aluminum… Fyi

Superstar have the the retainer and are multipiece… Hypa are just two plastic halves

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Yes I know. I’ve seen them. Been surfing Trampa’s site. But wasn’t sure about the hub size, plus they only advertize the Black Gummie for the Hypa, not the SuperStar…

…although it says the Red and Blue Gummies (advertized as “125 Gummies”) fits on both Hypa and SuperStar hubs… :point_down:

… on the other side it says the Black Gummie (advertized as “125 Hypa Wheel”) only work on CUSTOM Hypa hubs… :point_down:

…and is the Black Gummie precisely the one users are intereted the most. This is what says about the bearings: 12 x 16 x 18.2mm Bearing & Axle support Spacer on 12mm Axles.


Hypa and Superstar hubs are the same size…

…Yes, you are right… :point_down:

The GUMMIES Tyres will only fit to TRAMPA HYPA or SUPERSTAR hubs Diamter - 125mm Width - 52mm Surface contact - 50mm Fits to - HYPA & SUPERSTAR Hubs Fits to - All 9.525 or 12mm TRAMPA Axles with 34.2mm of clearance.

Nah… They advertised the black gummies for both. That’s what I bought(gummies superstars)

Blue and red we’re 76a nd 78a

Black is 75A

@trampa mind clearing up some confusion :slight_smile:

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Can the Hypa or Superstar Hubs + Drive wheel pulley work with the tb218 truck without any modification? how about the evolve AT kit?


No since they are made for 12mm axle but i think some people made it work

Use 638 bearings they fit my superstars perfect sorta. They stick out just a bit but nothing serious. The red ones are from trampa and the othera I got on eBay for around $10 for a 10 pack


Those I have installed to my TB 218mm Trucks. On a special set up. Of course I’m still trying to figure things out


Do you have a pic with the whole axle? I´m thinking about putting the TB trucks with Superstar Hubs and 6,5 Urban tyres on the new Hummie deck