Cool Dad Trailer Setup

Hi guys, building boards since quite a while and spend lot of time on them beside all my other stuff. So that too much time away from family!

So I needed a solution! Introducing the Kids Trailer Set :wink: Finally we can spend time with our kids while enjoying a good ride. My daughter loves it - asking all the time to go riding :grinning:

And by the way, you can attach any trailer (shopping cart, hiking trailer, etc…) so you will always have food and spare batteries with you.

I have made a couple of them and will sell them to interested dads. I made them for Matrix II and Trampa Infinity trucks. I can also adjust them to the axles of your board, no problem.

This mount is ‘‘heavy duty’’. Needs to be as the pulling/pushing forces are more intense than expected. Needs to be calculated and tested right.

I have tested this with an 15kg (33lbs) Kids trailer and a 15-20kg kid in it and I am happy with the result. It takes the generated forces easily. UPDATE: Tested today with the 33lbs trailer and 40kg in the back. Holds on fine!

I went off-road with it and round the bike paths and its super fun for both.

Tech specs:

  • takes 80MM motors (in stock). On order can also make some for 63MM motors.
  • 2x massive motor mounts.
  • 2x massive connection brackets.
  • 4x set screws to fix axles SS.
  • 8x bracket screws SS.
  • Trailer Mount Complete with Screws SS. Asking US220.- no shipping included.


  • Be aware that this is not made to be used in traffic. Actually, in my opinion, also a regular bikes with an kid in the burley is too dangerous. Far too many risks.
  • You and the kid should always wear at least a good helmet.
  • Make sure you skate responsible by riding the way you could stop anytime in case of an emergency.


Could they be made to fit a trampa MINI infinity truck? The 12" street version doesnt mount at the same place

Sure can fit. I figured the basics. However, I do not have any detail measurements of the Mini Infinity trucks or the truck itself. I will need that to adapt the mounts properly. If you send me an truck, I can do it.

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That would have to wait until winter. Only have a pair and I’m riding them

That’s going to be soon then. I am in Minnesota. We already had snow. But, yea, I be happy to do that. PM me when you ready.


That’s awesome!.

I remember seeing something similar behind an Evolve here (but yours is much better built!).

Thanks man, took a while. Had to be sturdy and offroad capable without falling apart.

So there you go.

Look forward to ride it with studs in winter :grin: