Cool Runnings - SUPERFAN

With my motor on either high or very high output just a few miles into my run and it gets almost too hot to touch. Today I installed a high-speed server fan from an old Dell PowerEdge we retired. Boy, that sucker works. 6 miles and I would describe the motor as barely warm. I run it off of one of my spare 3S batteries because the fan likes to draw one amp. That gives me more than enough run time, somewhere in the neighborhood of two hours. Everything is running great now and I wouldn’t think twice about doing 20 miles in any temperature outside now.


thats really neat!!

Cool, but for all of the work, why not just go dual drive?

well the board does now have two motors :laughing:


wonder how well it would cool if you put blades on the little space inside at the end of the motor bell or maybe even had them come out. I think the ego has a nice version

Free fan and 30 min of work vs. New mount, pulley,motor and ESC? No contest! It’s plenty fast and torquey enough for my needs. ( I still have not gone WOT on it ).

Fair points. Defiantly unique, but you found a solution to your problem so I like it!

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I have some spares if anyone is interested in this kind of crazy…I used one of the mid-sized ones which are slightly smaller than. 90mm wheel if it were square. There are also mini’s arranged as quads so the suction from the back two feed the output of the front two. They are all 12vdc ~1 amp draw. The quads draw 2 amps as a unit. They can be harvested from just about any 1-3 U rack server.

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