Cooling FOCBOX with heatsink!

That s because I have to stop and adapt the speed depending on traffid of course :slight_smile:, what matters is the avg speed and current , load… and they are super similar , one day apart same road on my way to work. I will improve the design by placing the fins out in the air flow in a different way.

I think @DeathCookies means different runs as in 1 on monday and 1 on tuesday (for example.)

With “same run” @Jerome means the same route, same rider, more or less same speed. It IS indeed on a different day, but that’s for comparison

Argument settled?

Well said it is a comparison on overall ride output

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I hate to rehash this, but I can’t seem to find what a safe operating range temp for the focbox single

90 c cutoff 100c max operating

90 c as in 90° Celsius? Wanting to be clear because I know batteries discharge with some weird C. My focbox got up to 60° Celsius today, wanting to make sure that’s not risky at all

You have an over temp protection. If your focbox get too hot it starts powering down. Feels like a battery cut off. Usually it starts at 80 degree Celsius


Thanks a lot, good to know

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Once I get my unity, and if it will be overheating, I’ll cool it down with some heatpipe based cooling, like the one used in laptops:

If used it’s dirt cheap.

And these are very efficient yet low profile so you can fit it almost everywhere.

Or heatsinks from low profile 1U servers:

Also good source of cheap and quality heatsinks.