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Cordless drill for parts

Forgive me if this sounds stupid, but i’m only just discovered these and want to build one, i’ve been looking at the motors and have found the ones in my budget to be all outta stock, i have an old spare 18v cordless drill that i don’t use, if i were to crack it open and remove the motor, you think it would be sufficient?, i’m not looking to break the record, just get over 10mph at least, i was also thinking about using the drills battery and re-positioning the cells to fit under the skateboard and rewire the drills charger to function with it.

So you think i should give it a shot? if i do i’ll be sure to upload my progress. thanks in advance. :yum:

Don’t do it, it won’t work and you’ll end up frustrated.
Don’t go for instant gratification, be patient until what you really need is available.

Why do you say that? what do you think will fail? motor? just looking for justification

Get a cheap $50-70 dollar hobby king motor and a $100 esc and you will have a eSK8 that will last you 5+ years and you will be super happy. Dont cheap out on motor and esc. But get cheap batteries.

You have any to recommend? regarding the battery, come to think of it, i also have a 6 cell laptop battery i could use and the case its in looks pretty slick, thanks for the input everyone btw :wink:

I think the cordless drill idea will work. although drills usually have a gear reduction to get all their torque. I have actually seen a kickstarter thing where the guy just used a flexable drive and a drill to propel his board.

there is no reason why it wont work, give it a shot. on the flipside, you would end up with a better tried and true system if you use hobby stuff. lets face it you are going to have to control it, so you need a transmitter, and then you have to work out how to make the transmitter drive the drill motor… hobby parts are already set up for this.

yeah I came across that too, the problem with the gear system in most drills is that it’s designed to stop spinning as soon as the powers cut off, to counter that problem they apparently put a freewheel on the wheel like you’d find on a bike to keep spinning, its a nice proof of concept but i can’t say its a design i’d like to go out riding!

I read they use an eddy current brake to stop power drills. Maybe not all of them.

see if u can get an exploded drawing of the drill and rip it apart and see if u can make it work. Seems to be a good candidate: motor, battery, bms, esc (is it a brushless motor?), and easy charging potential. Maybe get an electric chainsaw.

Hmmm electric chainsaw, nice idea, never thought of that, regarding the drill, cant find any diagrams or info of whats inside all i know is that it’s 18v, has an esc and features a darn quick stop feature, and no idea how that works, chainsaws usually have that function too and the cost i’d be paying for a decent one i might as well go ahead and order the proper stuff :pensive:, i’ll probably start dissecting the drill soon so i’ll go from there, on a side note i was wondering if people find using a chain or a belt pulley system better, thanks btw

when i was much younger… my dad and I took apart a 18v brushed drill and attached it to a kick scooter. It worked for all of a day or so. Here’s the problem, The Drill cannot handle free spin without power. I think it burned out the electronics. But i can’t say that it wasnt fun for a few hours. this was a very old drill from 10 or so years ago.

Just to let you guys know, I came across a vid of someone who hooked up a 18v drill to their board and it looked to be real hard to move off and couldn’t gain much speed, :disappointed: -and that’s with the drills original gear system which i wasn’t going to use, so unless i find anything else, it looks like i’m scrapping the idea and going about thins the typical diy method. thanks to everyone’s input though! :+1: