Correct battery for Meepo/Ownboard enclosures?

Hey !

So i’m Looking for a correct battery pack with included BMS to fit my pretty small Meepo or ownboard enclosure.

The thing is that I already have 2 x 4S batteries in series that gives me a 8S 4.5Ah total pack, so a not this big range (About 12Kms) and a correct max speed (about 35Km/h).

I wanted to move onto a dual drive mainely because of braking problem, way to weak on a single drive and my belt can’t brake that much of weight. So my actual battery pack would become useless because of the poor range that I would have.

Sanyo batteries were looking interesting because they were made to fit my enclosure but the max amps that they can deserve is only of 30A, so 15A per motor which is pretty poor for 2 belt drive 190Kv motors even if max speed would be higher because I would be in 10S.

So have you got any idea on what battery should I buy ? 30Q cells would obviously be the best idea but I still didn’t find one pack that is compact enough to fit my enclosure !

Thank’s for your help,


They sell 30q packs from ownboard and meepo, why not get those? Unless youre trying to do it yourself

Are you sure that they are using 30Q ones ?

Max amps look surprising, and since they are 3Ah how do can they sell a 4Ah one ?


6.0 one max amps would be too low tho

That enclosure will only take a 2p 18650 config at 10s. So no more than 40 amps total and thats running at full draw. If you are building it yourself why not go 30T and get the output around 70 amps. More money but worth it for a small capacity battery. image

It says 30q but how true that is is anyones guess but historically ownboard are one of the better chinese companies.


I would definitely love to do it myself if I had enough time and money to buy tools like a spot welder and everything but it’s still an hard job !

However I can change my enclosure but thoses one were cheap and solid as I wanted them !

@dareno are you sure that 30T will fit meepo enclosure? They are 21700, and sanyo cells are 20700, and even sanyo pack fits tight into enclosure

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At 2p it should fit. There is an awful lot of foam in the enclosure. At the least he may need a small printed riser. At the op level of building I would be thinking about this though

image with the ownboard battery or something built for it. Its metal and bigger than the meepo unit as far as I am aware.

If you want to use that enclosure the best way is samsung 40T or 30T for a powerfull and small battery.

That must fit in the enclosure.

I think both are the same size.

However as I said it it’s still an option to buy another enclosure with a 10S2 or 3P pack with 30Q, since I wouldn’t have to make it myself ! Have you got any links for thoses kind of products ?

And it will also allow me a higher max amps !

Ok guys I found something,

This 10S2P battery with 30Q cells :

With this bigger enclosure :

What do you thing about it ?

Also I won’t need the switch and the battery display because I already have one loop key and one battery display on my ESC enclosure, so will I be able to remove them ?