Correct order of Hall sensor cables?

Hey folks, I consulted the search engine already but didn‘t really find the answer to my question. I just got my dual-hub motors (still waiting for the esc to arrive).

The esc is the follwing:

Now my question, the Hall Sensor connector came with all the the wires disconnected except the red one:

How can I find out what the correct order is?

Thank you a lot for your help!

Kind Regards


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What ESC make/model is that?

Is it a VESC?

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Hey @b264 ! No it is a simple / cheap ESC from aliexpress:




Hey Crisfell! You are genius, I will report back once i got the ESC. I found different color suggestion in de describtion online:

Can I damage something when I try both options out? Kind Regards

As long as Red and Black are in the correct position, it won’t cause damage. The other three signals are interchangeable, so the order doesn’t matter.

Just like the motor cables, the ESC will calibrate the phases. Well that’s the VESC idea anyway

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I’ve seen on these lower end ESC’s the sensors must be color for color. It just wouldn’t read it, unplug it and works fine. But most of the time your right absolutely, red black other 3 no particular order

For any future readers: @Crisfell was totally right. Any other order didn‘t work. No sensor cable connected did work also. Thank you a lot Crisfell!

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Usually, Red is +5V, Black is Ground, White is Temp if present, and the other wires the order doesn’t matter.

You don’t even need to connect any of those. Only the three large phase wires really NEED to be connected.

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