Correct Voltage For Brick Charger

Hi, Quick question. I’m running li-ions in an 8s4p configuration. I’ve got an 8s BMS integrated into my pack that I built, and first charge, when it finished the voltage meter (which is also set to 8s) read 100%.

However, with subsequent charges, when the light on the brick goes red (fully charged), the voltage meter has been reading anywhere between 96% & 98%.

Is this because my charging brick is only 33.6v (4.2v x 8)? Would I be better with a charging brick that outputs a higher voltage because, won’t my BMS cut off and stop charging when it gets to fully charged? I’m thinking that perhaps the charging brick may come in at a little under 33.6v (I’ll have to check that actually).

Edit: I’ve just checked the voltage of the brick with a multi-meter and it’s coming out as 33.8v. I’m wondering if this would increase or decrease when there’s an actual load… ie. while charging