Could a single drive handle abec 107’s?

Matt. I’m running 16/36 12s with 97mm. On dual 6374 with FocBox. I have my ERPM limits set to 60k. I have my motor max to 65a and ESC to 60a. So far the most battery amps I’ve pulled is 71a combined. I’ve pulled about 120 motor amps combined. I had to sit on my board and apply full throttle. It’s got stupid amounts of torque. I topped out at 35mph. I’ll be doing further testing this weekend. I ordered the evolve 107s and I already purchased 18t motor gears. If both those installed doesn’t Rob torque I’ll leave it. It’s going to make it less efficient at lower speeds but my 48 inch deck has plenty of room for 12s6-8p​:grin::grin:.

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