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Could ball bearings be the motor?

Ok just saw this video and was wondering if something like this could be applied to motor/wheel technology?

I reckon if someone wanted to put the time and effort in i could be possible

If you hear the explanation of the reason it moves…maybe it’s not a good idea lol … Seems to be heat and expanding involved … That don’t sound too good lol

Not as simple but lots of reading material here to make the most efficient motor people can make these days.

Or the homopolar motor is easy.

But I think an axial flux motor would be most doable

Here’s a transverse that would make a great hubmotor if it could take the abuse. A single motor thats as strong as 4 outrunners (radial) of the same size

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My brain hurts now

But they’re all just big words that a simple pic can explain. The transverse flux motor is pretty weird but all the other motors are simple to make.