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Could I use these motors for mountain board

I am thinking of building a mountain board. I want to use hub motors. Would these work?

Well, it is hard to tell because the manufacture did not provide many information.
The only thing i found:

  • Voltage: 36V
  • Power: 201-300W

In my opinion the manufacturer does not seem to be reliable.

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300w using 37v is 0.81A. If it was a ten wheel drive it could be powerful enough. That pic looks like a photoshop, that rim looks like its from a currie scooter, it is not a hub motor.

Hub motors are going to be really heavy…outrunners are gonna be lighter

I’m with @Michaelinvegas here for a eMTB hub motors will be extremely heavy and that will kill the fun when off-road.

You will want HK Sk3 6374 with KV under the 190. These are light and pack a punch.

It’s a mountain board…so your gonna maybe catch a little air…even if it’s off a sidewalk (we can’t all be dare Devils) … Those hub wheels are gonna plunk down like cement shoes…

I guess it would be fine if you plan on just keeping it civil and staying on road and sidewalks…

hub motors need not be heavier though in most instances maybe they are. especially if they’re solid steel!

weight wont stop you from launching just as high if you get them up to speed and hit the jump.

Yeah … Like a lawn dart lol

I have yet to meet a light hub motor of the size he’s looking for…aren’t they really for electric kick scooters?

Thanks everyone for your input, I might order these, if I do I will do a build log![quote=“Mikee, post:1, topic:3815, full:true”]
I am thinking of building a mountain board. I want to use hub motors. Would these work?

Better stick with proven esk8 hardware or you’ll just be wasting your money.
And do a belt drive for a mountain board.
Hub motors are only good for street riding.
You really need gear reduction especially with the large wheels associated with mountain boards.

hehe. yea I cant imagine going off a jump on a skateboard to begin with, I guess people like to do that.

but a hub motor could go on anything and need not NECESSARILY be heavier. As someone who sells heavy hub motors…there’s benefits to having something that’s heavy but isn’t going to fall apart. One man’s lawn dart is another man’s rocketship. it’s all attitude:slight_smile: