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Could this possibly work?

i have a 12s set up and as yall know 12s charger are really hard to come by and if find one in stock theyre hella expensive so i was thinking today of something like this will allow me to charge my batteries with out taking them out of the enclosure and use a 3s or 6s charger, i have no electrical background so pls bear with me, if im missing parts i would appreciate if you guys could point them out for me Uploading…

Yea it’s possible your pictures didn’t upload

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I know im trying to figure out why, basically i have 4 3s1p in series for a total of 12s inside the enclosure and then tap into each discharge lead along with the balance leads to a balanced charger board built inside the enclosure as well and then from there to the charging ports im pretty sure im missing stuff like key loops and stuff and thats why i uploaded the pic so i can get feedback (let me se why the hell this pic is not uploading)

order a charger from Aliexpress, takes a month or two, but is cheap as hell

The problem isnt really the charger what im trying to figure out and need help whit is to be able to safely charge/balance charge my 12s (3s x 4) f4om outside the enclosure

My idea is that you will deliver a current through your positive and this will than short out with the negative of your cell next to it since this is the easier way for the current too flow :slight_smile:
Anyway I’m a third year engineering student so i could be wrong :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t do it though unless somoene tells you it works, but i have doubts

3 years of engineering studies is lot more than 0 years of engineering studies, theres gotta be a way thoug

Why not buy a BMS ? Maybe that’s solution?

You will never be able to charge parallel when you keep the cells in a series harnass because you will short them out.
You will have to open the serie connections between the cells in some sort of way for this to work.

You could use isolating switches between packs in series.

Perhaps consider buying a cheap 12S charger and a 3 - 6S balanced charger - charge with 12S whilst in situ and every now and then remove cover and balance packs separately. XT90 connectors make connecting/reconnecting easy.

I don’t use a balanced charger for my 10S packs just a $25 dollar 42V Chinese charger - a bit of respect/common sense and have not burnt down house yet.

BMS would be sexiest solution.

yes i have a hover board that uses one of those charger it would be nice to be able to use the same one but at this point im almost regreating going with the 12s setup, since i started planning this build ( Probably 2 weeks ago, hahahahahahaha) i always wanted to be able to charge it like you would charge the off the shelf boards, and theres no real good, crystal clear, dumb proof information on this with real world pictures , theres one of the guys that has a nice CF enclosure with charging ports @lowGuido and also i seen an off road board on this forum somewhere with the hover board stile port

do you know of any post or youtube video that will show you how to install a bms on 4 packs in series lipo? if i do get the bms will i still need an 12s charger?

Google :smiley:
And you’ll need a charger to… but your hobby charger needs a power supply too I assume (or it’s built in) AC to DC ya know?
You can get BMS and charger pretty cheap from Aliexpres or Ebay.

Too messy/confusing/dangerous

Rip your cells apart and turn them into two 6s batteries permanently. Then it becomes a lot eaiser to charge

You’ll need to rig something like this up

I ride 12s and keep,the cells all permenantly in series and use a Meanwell 48 volt adjustable bulk charger with a watt meter wired inline. This is simple and over 400 watts charging. To balance and monitor individual cells I use a small balancer/dischargers like the battery medic connected to the balance leads while bulk charging

He Meanwell is awkward though and I’d get another

Real quick if you can review this and tell me if you think it will work, im having a hard time to charge 12s at once since theres virtually no 12s chargers and the one that exist are out of stock and hella expensive, also i wanted to be able to charge with out dismounting my lipos. Could this be one solution?

Nice drawing. Looks like it’d work but how will u balance? use little balancers connected to the balance leads?

The 2 charging ports will have 2 ports each one (1 for charging with either EC5, xt90 or xt60 trying to figure out that one still, and a second port right bellow that with the jst-hx connection) it should work right? The whole wiring do you see anything wrong? Or am i missing something?