Could this work ? - Generic pintail | Square truck hangers | 70mm wheels | Alien motor | 6s | FVT 120 | Ebay mount

Hi, I recently got interested in building of a electric longboard and im wondering if I could make this work:

Longboard: 75 cm wheelbase from truck to truck 11 cm deck ground clearance It has 18mm square hangers and 70mm solid wheels.

Mount + Pulleys: I already ordered pulleys and mount from ebay - but i think i will have to make my own mount. And im not sure how or if im able to mount the motor without it rubbing against the board while turning.

Motor: I would like to use alien 270kv motor but im also thinking about turnigy sk3 with similar kv because you can change bearings in them.

Batteries: 2 3s1p Zippy flightmax 8000mAh in series for total of 6s

Esc: FVT 120A from banggood

Receiver: Quanum 2.4Ghz from hobbyking

Later i would like to upgrade the wheels to at least 83mm and chain drive. Also im about 110kg or 250 pounds and i dont know if the 5065 270kv motor will be able to push me around (mostly flat area) Some photos of the trucks:

Im not native english speaker so I apologize in advance for any spelling errors

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Also I forgot to mention my speed goal is about 20km/h for now

I’m a bigger guy than you (~120kg @2m), so a few suggestions and comments. (your english is excellent btw).

We understand your weight - where do you live, and just for flats?

a single 50mm motor should work fine.

The concern i have is you are not really working with our “typical” or “standard” setup gear (83mm flywheel or clones, caliber II 50’s, Gears?, Mount (DIYes, Enertion, KorryH, etc.)

Can you still do this - ABSOLUTELY! it will just take more time and skill to DIY the solution.

Almost all the gear calculators i know are HTD5 belt - not sure if someone has a calc that will work with chain drive? I know it’ll help with skipping, or i’d suggest 15mm belt and maybe add a tensioner pulley? 20kmh should be easily doable.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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I live in Czech Republic near outside edge of Prague and yes I would use it mostly for flats with one 20% hill in the area. I have 15mm HTD3 belt on its way and I do plan on adding tensioning pulley. However I would like to know if I should rather use 63xx size motor and if I should go with alien powersystem or sk3

Love the international community of esk8! I might be in Romania at end of month for work… wish i could meetup (with a local rider there), but likely will have zero spare time (unless i can extend and take a few days off!)

HTD3 might not work well - smaller tooth profile - definitely will need a tensioner pulley to help, and the 15mm will give more contact/surface area which is good.

I would go 6374 size if single, or 6355 if plan on dual. Single will work, but the 20% hill still might be a challenge to go up. I would pick low KV like 149/168/192 and use as much voltage as possible (12s / 149, 10s / 168, 10s / 192) w/ VESC if you can afford it. More power for hills and on a single setup works better for torque (important when moving 110kg!).

I just took my “guest board” for it’s maiden ride the other night - 149kv 8s - single 15mm and moved me up some steep hills well. Need to eventually move to 10s or 12s as time permits.