Courier Companies

This is a warning to any Australians or other countries that have to deal with the likes of Couriers Please. This is also a warning for Enertion, although I’ve already given them feedback from the FIRST time I had an issue with Couriers Please. From here on out if a company (Enertion Included) only offers Couriers Please as the delivery service I will refuse receipt of goods and initiate a refund service. I’d also like to let @carl.1 know that I am requesting the cost of the shipping of my items back as is my right. I paid for a service from Couriers Please (even though indirect) and have not received that advertised service. I’ll no longer purchase any products from Enertion until AusPost or StarTrack or ANY other company is a choice for delivery even if it costs extra. This is not a reflection on Enertion themselves I’m just sick of having to chase up parcels because of this hopeless company (Couriers Please).

I will also file an Ombudsman complaint against Couriers Please (one for each time I’ve had an issue with them 3/4 parcels so far).

Details about the incidents: First parcel I was sent by Enertion was my drive train motor trucks and wheels. This failed to deliver due to the fact that Couriers Please requires a signature for Delivery. I was unaware and that wasn’t the problem. The problem began when I had been tracking the parcel whilst at work and called their help line to ask if they could just leave it at my door. The lady I spoke to on the phone said I could organise when I got home. I explained that I’d like to organise now if possible. She said she would get the driver to re-deliver and make it “ATL” (authority to leave) later that day. This was about 10-11am I watched the tracking for some time and 3pm came around and no changes registered on my tracking. So I called again and was told that in no way could they authorise it via phone and that there’s no way anyone from Couriers Please would tell me that, and that it would not arrive until the next day if so. I argued with her that what I said was true and she refused to acknowledge what I said and had basically called me a liar. It was later organised for the next day and received the goods.

Second Parcel: No problem here, I used their online support to request that the parcel be ATL right away and it was handled with an hour or two.

Third Parcel: I did the same as the second parcel, however I received a reply saying that my parcel was being signed over to another company and that they would not do ATL and would required me to go into a Depot to collect it. I watched the tracking up until the day it failed to deliver to my door by COURIERS PLEASE. I called them (1/2 hour after the delivery failed) and asked who was delivering my parcel and they said Couriers Please. I informed them I was told otherwise and if so why was it not ATL. I asked if the driver could re-deliver it on his way back later that day. The person on the phone refused to even ask the driver who would have to drive pass my town (the highway is 5minutes from my house) to head home later that night. He said the driver only services my area once every day and no more can be done. The parcel was then delivered the next day.

Fourth Parcel: I kept a very close eye on this due to the past issues, I also requested ATL before the parcel was even picked up from Enertion. It was also approved for ATL. However when it left Enertion (South Australia) it was logged into the Adelaide (South Australia) depot and directed to Melbourne (Victoria) I live in Morwell (Victoria). However 5 minutes later (yes 5 minutes) my parcel was logged into the Adelaide (South Australia) depot and directed to Perth (Western Australia). I called immediately to prevent my parcel from travelling another 2700KMs away (opposite direction) which would mean it would then have to travel another 3500KMs to reach me! I spoke to a guy on the phone and he was unable to find where my parcel was and said he could not call the Adelaide Depot as they have not got phones there (load of sh**). He said he would leave a message for them (found out today that means an email) to track it down and call me back. I called the help centre again at 5:20pm (10minutes before they shut) only to find out he had no information still (notice how I had to chase him up about it?). He said he would call me the next day with an update on where it was. I got no phone call (surprise surprise). It arrived in Melbourne at 8am (missed the daily deliveries by 30minutes). So I knew I would have to wait one more day and it would finally be over. Today though (day it should have arrived at 730-8am) I noticed at about 10am that no tracking information had been updated at all. I called them at about 12pm after checking again to find out that the “parcel should have gone out with today’s deliveries but we’re unable to locate the parcel”. The lady said she would get in contact with the driver and the depot to track it down and she would call me back in a few hours. I had no return call come 330pm. So I called her yet again I was chasing them. I was informed by her (this is where she slipped up) that she had JUST emailed the depot and was waiting for a reply. It took her 3 and a half hours to send a damn email! I told her (by now I’m no longer polite to them) to call them and to organise another company to deliver it because I’m sick of chasing them up to do their jobs. All I hear during these calls is I’m sorry we apologise etc etc. Never a solution to the problem. Never recompense for their f*** ups. I get home today and no parcel. At 5:27pm that lady tried to call me, however the moment I answered the phone (after 2 rings) she hung up on me. I tried to call back, by the time I got through all the prompts all I get is the office is closed! She will likely try to claim a loss of service, however she doesn’t realise that I can see on my end that service played no part that it was a hangup on their end not mine, and not the cell tower I was connected to.

So I’m basically making this post to also call out @onloop hoping that you will revisit the idea of using a company with appalling customer service and appalling logistics. I worked as a courier for years and this kind of sh** would get you fired. After the fact that Enertion has dealt with a lot of the same frustrations and I’m a customer that not once complained that you guys stuffed us around because I knew it can be the logistic companies that hold you up. However if you choose to keep using a company that is doing the same to your customers it says that the bottom line is more important than satisfaction (which I can tell you greatly affects your bottom line).

I’d also like to note that one of my Couriers Please parcels were not from Enertion it was from KickPush I’d also like to note that I had a parcel delivered by StarTrack and they outsourced the final delivery to a local company here, it was handled professionally and with the added safety of being able to pickup from my local company.

I’ve used couriers please about 5 times with no problems. I get it shipped to my dad’s warehouse and I assume they sign it on delivery. It may be harder with ATL though.

It’s more about the lack of action on their half when something goes wrong, not that something does go wrong.

I have a suspicion that CouriersPlease doesn’t actually deliver to your house. I legit stayed down near my door the whole day, and my house has open windows where you can clearly see if anyone is inside, but both times they said no one home for delivery. Besides that, and I guess a terrible, terrible tracking system, I haven’t had problems with them in regards to not getting my packages on time or at all.

I can say I had a feeling because I was on the other side of town its easier for the driver to drop off the packages at the pick up place. If we got a knock on the door it would only be a wait of a few seconds and there off. Just annoying as I would then have to make arrangements to pick it up the next day assuming it was dropped off there.

If this is in regards to my ding dong ditch then the driver must be lightning, my lights were on, you could clearly see through the windows, I was up on the windowsill and nobody showed up between 8am-5pm, I was pretty much at the window for the whole day.

So because Enertion themselves have outstanding customer service I got a VESC today that was sent 2 days after another package which is a major problem one. It’s now in PERTH! After they said it was in melbourne! Now saying they won’t get it to me until NEXT WEEK. Also outright refusing to send my package by another company due to me being sick of their sh**

Its doing a tour iof Aus. Feel for you. Very annoying. Might be time for Enertion to look at another courier.

to add to all this it seems the VESC is also a PoS :slight_smile: (doesn’t work)

@racidon Whats wrong with the Vescs arent they the new USA made ones.

drv fault :confused:

@racidon The Enertion VESC have some manufacturing faults that cause them to short. You should check out this thread, from Jason. It goes into the details.

In relation to this post @onloop @carl.1 I’ve opened a paypal dispute to hold the money in limbo until it’s sorted Below is the message sent via paypal I’ve already posted on the forums about this here: I warned couriers please if I did not receive my item after CONSTANT lies I would initiate a refund and you could chase them for the money. I’m done with this CONSTANT run around I’ve had to deal with. Until I receive my item in working order this dispute will remain. Also please note that I’ve also paid extra now in comparison to what the price for this item is at this point in time. As can be seen here: So I will also be disputing the price difference when I do finally get my item

great… thanks

what makes you think you paid extra? you are paying in AUD or USD?

I paid in AUD and that price is in AUD

I know this makes me seem like a dick and I know this isn’t directly your fault, however if you’re going to continue to use this company I think it would be best to see how much of a pain they truly are to deal with.

Whilst on hold (which I’ve spent close to 3-4hours worth of my time on hold) they play messages like “Next day national delivery via flights from major city to major city” aka Perth to Melbourne for example. But today I actually got a call back as I was told (at 5:57pm) to tell me they are sending from perth to melbourne and it wouldn’t show up in their melbourne depot until friday!

Also all the lies, but whatevs I’m kind of tired of it

This almost sounds like extortion.

Yes you could call that, you could also call it that when you go to a restaurant and not pay until you receive your service. I guess it’s also the same as the mechanic holding your car until you pay. It’s called an exchange and I held my end up and the otherside has failed to fulfill their side.

@onloop I still have yet to get this parcel 2 weeks to come about 800kms, I’ve spent the better half of a day now on the phone and been hung up on and now also been stone walled with hold music. That’s fine because I’ll talk to their manager, hope this isn’t deemed acceptable customer service to you? I know thanks to them my next few VESCs will now be from Chaka because I got a parcel from the US to my door before this one could even go from perth to melb with this useless company.