Cracked new Trampa truck infinity


Today arrived a new tramp truck and i see cracks… is normal or not?

I think those are not cracks but metal pour not filled those parts because of air bubbles or etc. It shouldn’t compromise integrity.

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thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:

@trampa Frank is able to help you out with this :wink:

Can you see a crack or is it it just a dent on the very edge. Sometimes the punch can bite away some aluminum, which doesn’t mean that there are cracks. It’s a visual imperfection in that case. The baseplates are not casted, so air bubbles do not occur. They are made through the use of 4 different processes, quite a complex task… The basic shape is finally made by a punch and tiny dents are unavoidable, using rigid aircraft alloy. This stuff is tough…After punching we do the surface treatment and finally we do the CNC job to expose the beautiful solid, heat treated aircraft alloy. The baseplates have seen 4 factories before they arrive at our warehouse. Im very certain that those spots are only small dents that the punch created in the very corners.

If you are not certain, we will ship a new baseplate. It’s hard to judge from photos and we rather put you on the safe side! Please have a second look, now knowing a bit more about the manufacturing process. You are welcome to send a PM.



OK no problem, i have a last question … the final surface (baseplate) is chromium? color or is it a raw material?

Depends on the model. In your case it’s anodized.


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