Crackling sound from motor that's not mechanical

So I just put in a new FOCBOX and a new motor on my board and now I’m getting this strange sound from the motor. Although the sound still comes when I put the old one back in so I don’t think it’s that.

I can’t test my old FOCBOX as it blew up, the only other thing it could be is that during an earlier test the receiver for my Benchwheel remote blew up :sweat:, so I had to switch to a crappy old winning remote, could that be the cause? Video:

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Sounds to me like something is arcing or a bad bearing. Hard to tell.

On 2 separate motors? One is known good, the other is brand new, they both spin freely by hand :confused:

It’s just what it sounds like. Could be a bad wheel bearing, not a motor bearing.


Sounds like a bad detection

Rerun the detection with a higher duty cycle and amperage value.


Bingo! :+1: thanks, this was it, my battery was close to the cutoff voltage when doing the detection.

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