Craigslist build

Been working on another belt build but found a guy on Craigslist locally selling a space cell 10s3p, ollin vesc, torque boards single hub motor and nano remote for $320, picked it up quick because the price was so good. Got it all put together today and it rides great. Went to plug in the charger he gave me and it won’t charge. The light just blinks red to green. I tried my charger for my 12s4p torque boards battery and it works but it charges CRAZY slow. Wondering if anyone else has experience with the space cells and can suggest chargers. @onloop do you guys still sell chargers or is there a good local solution for me to look at in the states? Loving this board outside the charging issues!


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First off Do Not use a 12s battery charger with a 10s battery, it’ll overcharge the battery and you’ll have a nasty fire on your hands.

Talk to @barajabali or @willpark16 about a charger, I believe they both make batteries so they should be able to help you out. Or snag one off eBay if you find a seller that you trust selling 10s chargers.


I’ve got some 10s chargers that to date have never had an issue with any other battery packs

$12~13 shipped with Amazon prime…

@jmasta my charger doesn’t have those three prongs on it, got any other suggestions?

Cut off the plug and solder on whatever connector you use. If your other charger is broken, salvage the port from that one

If it works with another board how would it be the charger? Maybe Bms is broken

The charger for it doesn’t work for another board, the charger for my other battery “does” work but very slowly.

@Lunasi FYI, what you need is a 5.5mm x 2.1mm jack at the end

This charger was recommended a while back

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Thank you, that’s more like what I’m needing :slight_smile:

BTW. if you get a small spark when plugging the jack into the spacecell battery, that can be remedied by plugging the charger into the wall FIRST, then plug in the battery.

Ahhhh sorry must have miss read that. You can find some for a couple bucks on AliExpress

I’m thinking that when you tried to charge your 10s space cell with a 12s charger, that the bms in the space cell should have prevented charging because of its over charge protection which is set for 10s It may appear to be charging very slow but, in reality it’s probably not charging at all.

Hey so I just got that charger and it works awesome, wondering if I can use it for my 12s4p or if you got a 4A charger you’d reccomend for the torque boards 12s4p battery.

theoretically is should charge, but I think battery builder @barajabali would know the specifics or what you should use

Whats the specific question?

Will the charger that Mike suggested for my 10s3p work as a charger for my 12s4p? Or is there another 4 amp charger that I should look at for my 12s battery? @barajabali

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I think the question is: can the charger she bought for a 10s3p battery which is stated as “36V(42V) 4A Li-ion Battery Charger” work with a 12s4p battery as well…if not, do you have a recommendation for a safe appropriate charger.


Said it better than I did :slight_smile: