Crazy/Awesome Helmets

I’ve been looking at Full face helmets, reading all the helmet threads here, and searching the internet obsessively, and I ran into some crazy/terrible/awesome helmets I hadn’t seen before. Here’s a couple I thought others might enjoy checking them out.

This one’s hilarious. Airwheel Smart Motorcycle Skateboarding Helmet - Bluetooth speakers AND built in Camera. Not great coverage, but it looks weird/cool:

I think this one looks awesome, comes in a bunch of different styles, only 2.6 Lbs, on the 'spensive side. But who doesn’t want to look like a fighter pilot?

What other crazy helmets have you guys run into? Cheers!


I’m a hobbyist rider who cruzes around on a epenny board so I value portability and lightweight. I understand this doesn’t meet any of you expectations but it’s certainly different

Oh, that one’s great! I think I’ve decided what I’m getting for a full face helmet, but was curious know what other weird and crazy ones other people had found.

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2 extremes there dude, is the first helmet certified? and the second being a motorcycle helmet could be heavy…

I have a tsg pass pro carbon, also comes in a fiber glass model. If you get a helmet i’d get one that is certified, and if it is a mc helmet watch the weight a heavy helmet can increase whiplash risk. Easiest thing is to get a helmet designed for purpose.

Yea I should probably make clear that I’m not buying either of those nor do I recommend either of them. Just sharing some fun things I found and wondering what other oddball stuff was out there.

Thanks for the recommendation! That second helmet might work it’s only 2.6 lbs but for that price you’re right. I think I’ve read almost every thread here with the word helmet in it and yea everybody recommends them. What you said made me think how crazy it is that I spent over $400 on hub motors without thinking about it but spending $400 on a helmet seems like a lot of money. :confused:

All of my eboards are in pieces and waiting on parts right now so I’m basically just waiting for someone to hve s crazy good sale on the pass pro. :slight_smile:

but maybe it wont fit your head right and a good fit is said to greatly increase the safety and comfort is hella important. i tried the pass helmet and felt like crap to me squeezing my chin bones and blocked sound and getting it on and off involves a difficult strap with loop. for sure there’s another cool helmet out there that you dont have to spend 400 on. i think spending over 400 on hub motors is a good safety move! spending 400 on a helmet is style move.

I disagree! I’ll put this another way, check out the line-up for any IDF round, see what dudes are wearing… take it from there, anything else is speculation that is not proven for use.

I have a few helmets, a carbon pro & it cost me a lot less than $400usd (closer to half).

Fit is important, but one thing at a time, you haven’t even measured or asked the kid if he has a head shaped like a melon? :melon:

Zero Gravity M-6 is around $186. Comes in a larger size and has better visibility.

image Don’t care what you say this one is awesome.

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I have a head like a melon.

@jboren joking aside it really is a matter of choice and application. I don’t like full face for esk8 at all period. With full face you cut down your hearing by at least 30% and your visibility by probably the same amount. We are standing on planks of wood out in traffic and need every sense to work at its absolute maximum capacity. You need to see you need to hear…everything. @Cobber loves his downhill and when bombing hills you don’t need to see whats behind you as you are usually going faster than a speeding bullet so a good impact helmet is necessary but when travelling roads occupied by tons of metal going faster than us its best to have all your wits about you. When I’m on my harley I use an open face, when on my duke monster i use a full face and when on my esk8 I use a certified open face so I can see,hear and know when something is coming at me. Oh and music piped to your ears in traffic is suicide. I don’t even do that on my bikes.

For those interested…

A carbon pass pro might not be a good idea then, the regular pass has a slightly wider fit at the temple. It was suggested to me that a tsg pass would fit a similar head shape to a Arai helmet.

yeah I feel you bro.

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i dont have these and havent tried them but remember somone who used to always cycle with them. i want to try them.

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That’s good advice, I need to hit up the local skate shps and see if i can find some to try on. I have a kinada weird shaped head, it’s big and bulbous on top, really narrow face (my last pair of eyeglasses were childrens frames, I’m 47, lol), but if I measure the circumference I’m usually on the high end of large . So I’ve never had a helmet that really fit well but I figure it’s better than no helmet.

Lol, my head’s shaped more like the martians heads in “Mars Attacks”. And for the record I’m not a kid anymore, just really immature for my age. :grin:

Yea, right? I saw that helmet and was like, ‘well now i have to buy a fighter jet’.

I hear you regarding being too isolating. It’s more of a tradeoff for cold weather riding. We get cold winters here but not a lot of snow so i can ride 320+ days a year but like 1/3 of them are coooold. Also face plants. :slight_smile:

Totally agree on the music thing. I see people driving around with earbuds in and almost cause accidents when emergency vehicles come up behind them. On an open vehicle seems like pure suicide.

I like that one. I wish there was some local place I could try these all the on.

Interesting idea, I wonder how much peripheral vision you give up with those or is the mirror partly transparent?

don’t know never had them. could be awesome could be deadly. maybe wouldn’t even work with a helmet obstructing view if the helmet was big. cheap to try at least and if it doesn’t work out surely could be used for something.

Wearing headphones is ridiculous. Plus it’s illegal in California and I’m sure other places too. That goes for biking, skating, or even driving. And helmet or not, hearing something from behind is difficult regardless. Ears are shaped to hear forward, and there’s so much noise masking automobile tires or engines from behind. As for crazy helmets, there is a market for folding bicycle helmets. Some interesting examples are listed here: