Crazy build | Foldable Deck | Jacob Hub Direct drive | 12s1p | MBS 100mm

Hi Everyone :smiley: Most of my parts are here and I decided to start a thread for it — Cant wait for it!

Specs: 12S1P LiFePO4 A123 26650 battery Torqueboard mount MBS 100mm wheels Kydex enclosure Winning V1 remote Dual FOCBOX

Relax!! Its a cheap board so I even if I fail it wouldn’t be that painful – hopefully not!

Jacob hub converting to a direct drive

Ready for the hinge!


Please get a different remote. The winning remote is a disaster waiting to happen

I had used that remote for over a year in my previous build (which I haven’t posted up here )and I haven’t encountered any problem. Hopefully there won’t be in the future too.

Ok well just be careful and try to stay away from tram lines because they have been known to cause drop outs

the winning v2 is supposed to be pretty good. Im with you tho, I recommend the mini remote from @JLabs. Rock solid from my testing


Yeah I’ve never heard of a drop out with the mini remote except for when the batteries are flat

Thanks for the shout @GrecoMan

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Love to see how the hangers for the Jacob DD turn out. Personally doing a very similar conversion with my own set of Jacobs, and the good thing about this motor is that you can easily bore the stator hole out to 12mm. Replace the shitty grub screws with stakes that go right through the stator and into the axle. Hardest part is honestly machining the hanger piece that holds the 12mm axle.

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Thanks for the advice Might want to get a new one tbh Currently thinking about the nano X controller

So did you bore the black core in the hub? I was going to make a connector but but then I decided to use the internal 8mm axle instead. How did you secure the motor?

I deleted the photos, but I really don’t recommend using a 8mm axle. Talked with @fliess and he’s pretty steadfast about using 12mm DD axles.

Do you mind posting the photo again?

8mm on this side:

12mm on the other side:

Edit: You can see how the grub screw holes aren’t holding up too well.

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The area between the copper and the bearing. Literally stake a screw right through. And while you’re at it, might as well add some halls. Jacobs don’t fair well with take off on BLDC…


So, this is the trigger I need to buy if I don’t want to bit the bullet?

I will add halls detector :smiley: thanks for your suggestion I still don’t have my motor now so i am still not sure how the two grub screws works

The grub screws basically “lock” the stators to the hanger. They’re too small and easily sheer the holes they sit in, so I’m of the opinion that grub screws and inadequate for hub motors. Thus staking is much better.

Better then grub screws.

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Updatesss Folding mechanism succeed !!


Sad news The mechanical part of the drive cannot be made to school reasons. But the project can still continues if I can get a carvon be or exo, as it is not a school project but a personal project. I’m thinking of carvon speeddrive R, speeddrive xl or carvon exo, though I believe carvon be group buy is now ended. Hopefully there are someone selling them