Crazy Lipo packs- 200a

Check these out

8AH at 200A

These things look mental for the price/ form factor. Obviously, they still have the advantages/disadvantages of lipo, but it could be cool to see these in a build, maybe a mtb or something.

Just thought id share :slight_smile:


*actual amps 8



While normally id agree (shady ebay sellers and all that), these ones have actually been tested by Jehu (i dislike the guy but the review is relevant) , i mean who knows they could be gobshite for esk8, but figured it was relevant

I’m currently building a board with them: I did some tests without problem, but i’m waiting for my FocBox to ride test “for real”.


It’s not shady, alarmhookup is a trusted source in the diypowerwall community, and has been rated by jehu (lots of his stuff he don’t know what he is talking about)

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Yeah i know, This particular seller isnt, but you know how in Ebay it’s hit or miss, and to the untrained eye, this seller is just the same as the rest

I bought them directly from

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How did you make your pack? Im going to use 2 aprox 1cmx8cmx2mm aluminum plates with 2 m4 both and nut/washer with smallest profile to keep the busbar “thinner” than the 2 pouches stacked as to not interfere with the bar and nuts above. Then wrap each connection in kapton and electrical tape to insulate. Im not sure how to connect positive and negative to the bar though think ill just use copper plates for the + and - of the pack

#6 x 3/16" machine screws with #8 fender washers. Use these on the bolt holes. For the positive and negative terminals, I used a 1/4"-20 x 3/8" with a ring terminal.

Handles 70A no problem.

To give you a sense of how rugged this setup is, I covered the enclosure I made for it in some PU foam. I flipped my board over and cracked my skull.

Board came out unscathed and worked no problem.

Ouch. I’m guessing You just used bolts and washers to hold the + and - tabs together? No busbar? How big are the enclosures? Did you trim the “excess” material from the batteries to compact them or fold it over? Frigging going through all the batteries to charge and check resistance is getting to be a pain 42 batteries is a lot to work through. Did you put much time into grouping them with similar resistance?



Has anyone bought these and tried them out. I looked at and they are only $6 per cell for 8Ah. Seems sketchy

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Nothing wrong with the batteries you just have to actually understand how internal resistance, capacity(because theyre used and youre not getting batteries that were grouped together) and how to connect them together to handle the high current. I was playing with them the other day melting wire. Good times. Be careful

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If you buy them google the battery hookups 10% discount .


Buy through them direct not ebay

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the enclosure was big, 24" x 7" x 2"

No busbars, just washers and machine screws, and no problems.

I did not trim any material. I stacked it 5x2, meaning 2 cells long, 5 cells tall. I bought 20, cycled them a few times, measured their capacities and used the 10 highest ones. This took like one to two weeks.

Stack measures 16" x 6" x 1.8"

Im going to do it in 4 bundles of 6s then a wire harness to make then 12s2p

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Just niw ttying to figure out yhe best way to attach the box to the top of the board so it can still flex

I have 4 of these 6s packs made now running great! Crazy power15665716176541120933484487623735


I am working on a similar 4 pack design and am wondering what your using for a BMS ?