Crazy price for LY Evo 2017 deck (Not sure if legit)

I was searching for Evo deck weight and stumble on this stuff. Looks like outlet website with Evo 2017 deck for 42$ don’t know if the website is legit but looks pretty legit to me

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Bit sketchy :smiley: But who knows

EDIT: at least doesn’t accept fake cards

Error Very Sorry. Your issuing bank or credit card company said ‘Intercepted by risk control department’. Please try to contact with your issuing bank or use a different card and try again.


Did you buy it?

Shipping is free? lol

at least they accept paypal

Nope, I don’t need another evo :smiley: Maybe later

Where do you see PayPal?

I refuse to buy another deck. Because if I do that’s basically saying I’m going to build another board.

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Same… :smiley: I was thinking getting one as backup as I can mess up by making plug of enclosure on deck :smiley:

I sent them a message, let’s see what they reply… One thing out of curiosity, how did you find it :laughing: ? That website sells everything @Kug3lis

I’ve seen some fake belt websites this year was a pain in the ass getting my money back

I was working on my spreadsheet on items I need to buy and weight calculation and I was searching for evo weight so I could fill in my spreadsheet


Top! 10Char

This is likely a scam this whole website looks shady


Yeah… Unlimited stock is one thing which tells it’s shaddy :smiley: But who knows :smiley: