Creating battery

You should really do more research on how to build a board that actually works and a battery that doesn’t blow nek minnit.

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dude, do some research. that’s all :slight_smile:

I have I just wanted the opinion of the internet.

Before you order anything you should really read a lot about it. Batteries are dangerous if not handled correct and can potentially burn down a house. We don’t want to hear about another battery fire. Please do some reading.

Red flags. Be carefull mate

:fire: :fire_engine: :derelict_house: good look building a battery and not even knowing how many cells you need-.-

you have a lot to read, seems thats the opinion of the internet


Check here for safety tips

Its not really recommended to solder 18650’s unless your very experienced, its much hard to do right then welding.

For 10s most guys are using 10s5p so 50 cells. This gives good power and long range.

Its much simpler to build a lipo pack if your just starting out. It can be done with no soldering if you have the right adapters.

The answer to that depends on what your doing. Do you want higher discharge, or do you want the battery to have more range?

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He wasn’t asking you a question, he was posting a thread that you should read through.

There is tons of information on here about building batteries. It seems like you need to learn about the batteries a bit more before trying to make one. Or there are alot of people on here that build them for the community.

They aren’t difficult things to make, you just need to follow the right protocols to make sure you are building something that is reliable and safe.

Also, a 10s battery, you are going to be hard pressed to make one that truly will hit 35mph. You will ahve to play around with your gearing and motors at that point.

If you are trying to build a “cheap” board that hits 35 mph, I suggest you read through ALOT of build threads to see what other people are doing, you’ll find very quickly that “cheap” and “over 30mph” do not go together very well.

you can buy batteries with tabs included, so you don’t have soldered directly in the batteries,I build my pack in this way, but I don’t recommend, because is too dangerous

like this


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That would work if you solder the tabs to a bus bar, won’t exactly be cell level fusing but it would work

i would reccomend you not doing this unless you are 100% sure that you know what you are doing, and that your doing it properly battery is the heart of your build if you want a cheaper option go with lipos but if you want a li ion pack that has its advantages i would do it properly, because if its not it can end in a ugly way

im happy to assist you with your pack, I make them as a service so i know what im doing but if you decide to pay someone to do it im one option, a spot welder is essential and it itself if around 100$+shipping

use as much insulation as you can, especially on the positive tab and between the p groups! Either some 3d printed plastic or fishpaper


Who are you talking to?

I have gotten all the information I need for this thread. When using 18650 batteries I need to use a ton of batteries if I want to be able to get my board to be able to go 35+ mPH. If I am going to be using a combination of 18650 cells iI would make it make the capacity of the battery to last longer. .

Not a ton but min 40 you will probably need. What exactly you mean with

Sorry but didn’t understood

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Hey mate, I don’t mean to be rude but at this point in time you are not ready to make a lithium ion battery. You need to know all of this stuff well before you start building. You also must know how to connect the cells safely, strongly and just correctly in general. Failure to do those things can lead to potentially catastrophic disasters, in order of not so bad to bad this is what might happen, cut yourself, you burn yourself, your batteries are ruined, your batteries smoke, they catch fire outside, they catch fire inside, your house gets burnt down, and worse of all every person in the house or building gets put at a sever risk when the battery is incorrectly built.

So please do a lot more reading, I’m not saying you can’t do it, I’m just saying you need to know how to do it right first


I know it might seem like everyone is being killjoys but comments like this are why people are suggesting you go with a simple lipo set up or do a lot more reading.

Parallel vs series =/= range vs discharge.

There are a lot of nice people on this forum that would be happy to help you. I think what everyone is saying is that it seems like you need to start from learning the basics, and there are already a bunch of good online resources to increase your knowledge of electricity rather than someone on this forum writing you a personal electronics curriculum.

I agree with you about what you are saying about parallel and series. You do have to know exactly what you are doing. I am probably not going to go with lipo’s simply because it defeats the purpose of having a DIY electric skateboard. That is my opinion.

I have done research and am in the position to move forward. I have been on with this forum for the past 2 years. I think using soldering in battery packs is very messy. I think my best bet would be getting vruzend solder less battery pack. Simply because of the versatility that it provides. I can make whatever connections I want without it being dangerous and it’s customizable.

In my time here people have always told me the same types of things "you don’t know what your talking about. Your going to build a bomb. " I could not disagree more.

I do know what insulation is and I understand the danger of using a spot welder. I know how the spot welder works. I know what series is and parallel. As well as how to combine them.