Creating my first E-Board, Help Please

I am very new to the E-Board community and would greatly appreciate any tips some more veteran people could give me. I have already hand made the body of my longboard and have a list of all the parts I am going to order. Parts List:

Wheels and Axils: (Got bigger wheels)


Pulley system: I have spent hours trying to figure out what kind of pulley system would give me the best distance with decent max speed (33ish kmh) if you have done a similar build please let me know what you used.




Battery readout:

If you can see anything that could lead to trouble down the road with these parts please let me know I really appreciate it.

Wheels and Trucks You need flywheels to connect the pulley gear to the wheel flywheel clones are good for a budget build. Caliber trucks are awesome so that they can for the motor mount some one is doing a group buy and u can buy it for $30.

ESC Alot of people say to get a vesc because they are built for electric Skateboards but is is up to you.

Batteries You are getting two 3s batteries correct.

Wheel- Small, try some 83mm wheels, can work, but 83mm is 100%

Truck-Get Caliber, easier to mount a motor mount

Esc- Vesc is the best one for Esk8

Motor- Such a small motor, it will get hotter if you’re heavy! But can work, Vlad used this one

Battery-2x 3s Battery in Series is Ok

Why will you buy the percentage indicator on Alien? Buy at Ebay too!

Pulleys-16/36 or 15/36 are perfect for this build

Search more man, don’t make the mistakes that I did

get a vesc, i have heard so many people complain about that one… everything else looks good though

Yes I am going to get two of the batteries

Do not get a Quanum Controller, there useless. Get a gt2b and mod it or a Mini remote


spend a little extra on vesc and go 10s you will end up doing this down the road any how,if u pay for shipping ill send u Quanum pistol grip transmitter ill be done with it in 2 weeks i just need it for testing till then,

Thats the crack