Creating wheel flares

Has anyone added wheel flares to there board?

I am going to sand the bottom of my board where the wheels can bite and I thought that some sord of bog to build up some flares would look cool but also help locate my foot position.

Would this work or just vibrate off?

I have heard of a ghetto method used -

Put a roll of sandpaper around the wheel, use a hand clamp to keep the wheel lightly pressed against the deck and run slowly, adjusting the pressure of the clamp as bite wears through, then reposition clamp to the other side and repeat.

Then when motor end is done, remount the rear trucks to the front end of the deck and repeat.

Will this eliminate wheelbite? Probably not completly as the weight of a rider on a deck will compress the bushing a bit differently, so the wheel may bit in a slightly diffent place front/rear of the flare you produce, so would advise enlarging the flare a bit to work out that variance

you can use the method @banjaxxed suggested I have seen it done and it does work but definitly easier with a router