Creation of ''E-board database''. Please give your feedback!

In short - this database will include detailed info on builds and their stats.

As of right now we have made a structure on what fields would be needed to gather the required info to later compile it in one place.

Once data about different parameters and statistics are gathered, there will be an option to compare / filter it with the parameter you would like to see.

For example, choose 10S battery system, 192kv motor and see what average power consumtion (Wh per mile) these boards have and what are their setups.

You can take a look at our ‘‘plan for eboard database’’ here:

If you would like to edit the existing document, please say so, as of right now it is only possible to make comments about it (level of given access)

Comments are welcome, share you vision on how you would like it to look.

You can also read our ‘‘objectives’’ in the document.


What outcome does we project from this?

I think many of us have stumbled upon that there’s not enough information concerning some of the stats / specs concerning the future build or it is quite hard to find it in seconds.

This may include some of the values, which need to be measured in the field, like amp draw or power consumtion. It may not only include energy related questions but also specifics about different boards (their speed, gearing etc)

To find this information, a decent amount of time was spent searching through countless threads and posts looking for something valuable.

So that’s why we came up with the idea about a database / build log collection, so that all of this info would be in one place.

I would relate to this, in a way ‘’ ‘’ collects all sorts of light mobility personal vehicles.

It would just make it easier to find something and compare to other existing models / builds out there!

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How we plan to ‘‘gather data’’ ?

As everyone does not have access to wattmeters and other equipment, our basic proposition would be to log distance / average speed / consumed Wh.

That way it will be possible to calculate ‘‘Average Wh per mile’’.

This can aid in helping to understand what distance given battery can provide for the rider / given setup.

Here is a ‘‘model’’ on what data users should log to access info about their ‘‘Average Wh per mile’’.

Model was proposed in private message by @whitepony

Board / Ride stats …(device to measure)

Average speed: 23kph (14.3mph) …(gps app) Range: 48 km (29.8mi) …(gps app) Wh consumed : 430 Wh, (charger)

Best way to measure Wh consumed is to take values from smart charger, otherwise there’s an option to run till your battery pack is empty and then estimate how much you consumed based on your battery pack’s size

Now, it is possible to make some more calculations out of this data. The aim of the database is to make these calculations automatic, so here’s an example on how they will be done:

Calculate Wh/km or Wh/mi = 430 Wh / 48 Km = 9 Wh/km Do the inverse, calculate km/Wh = inverse = 0.111

Calculate Average energy consumtion (avg W) = 48 km / 23kph = 2.08 hours ride (time) → 430Wh / 2.08 (h) = 206W (power consumption on average)

Our idea is to compile / collect the given data and make it possible to output it in just one chart, so it is possible to analize and study different setups at once!

People with wattmeters / VESC’s configured for data output will be able to offer / share more in-depth data about their ride’s and board setups.

This will include some more advanced topics / stats, like:

peak amp / average continous amp draw data and some others

In my opinion, this information would be valuable when building a custom battery pack, so it would be more easier to take into account / estimate what the energy needs may be.

What else is needed?

As of right now, I have @DeathCookies in my ‘‘team’’.

He voluntarily decided to support this project / idea and take hold of ‘‘constructing’’ / programming everything needed for this database / build log collection.

I’m basically a supporter of this idea, I would like to see some more in depth data from others, that’s all.

So, naturally, I have this motivation / drive to move this project further and not leave it sitting in my head till someone else, perhaps, picks it up later.

I’m just seeing that it could benefit others right away and there will be a need for more tools like this if this community tends to grow even bigger!

My vision right now is as follows:

Make a database / build log collection, so that:

  1. It is possible to quickly sort through different setups and see what amp draw / distance / etc specs they are having, what gearing, what wheels, what trucks they have on their boards.

Contact them, if needed.

(There’s going to be an option to include username / email, for extra feedback from others)

  1. By doing this, get a quick raw estimate on what current demands each setup / wheels etc are having. Estimate what specs / stats will my build have by comparing similar builds / models already made by others.

Is @evoheyax in this team as well? Isn’t he making a database?

My database:

I’ve been programming this site in my spare time. I’ve been spending more time lately on making a better board the last few weeks. But I want to keep going. I posted a topic about needing mods a few weeks ago, but didn’t get any thing really.

The site is incomplete by far, but I will have some time in early august to hammer out the real features. Right now, I need mods to check categories and decide what specs should be kept for every category of part. I’m also likely missing part categories.

Cool! I had a similar idea actually :slight_smile: If extra development help is needed / wanted let me know!

Do you know any programming language - PHP, HTML, Javascript?

If yes, then there is a possibility that you might help @DeathCookies at some point, so he does not have to code everything.

If you are not into programming that much, then there’s another area where help is needed

VESC Related information

It would be great, if VESC users could suggest what entries / data fields should be there for ‘‘Vesc related data’’. As I am not an Vesc expert / user myself, then we fall a little bit short on this one.

Hey Okami, really like your idea!! I checked the google doc today and was thinking it might make sense to add battery cutoff value, besides I think it looks quite complete.

Maybe a nice feature for all the VESC users could as well be a upload option for the VESC settings, just a idea :slight_smile:

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Really great idea! Later I will implement an upload of the config file of the VESC that it will automatically extract the needed information!

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:smiley: wow that sounds awesome! really looking forward to see this project progressing!

And sorry, but my programming skills are a bit rusty, but if you have questions related to hosting, apache configs or something, feel free to come my way.

I am a Java Script developer and web designer with experience in React, React-Native, Webpack, Babel. (Ofc I also know vanilla, jQuery, HTML and CSS) I could maybe help with the front end. Send me a pm if interested.

Hi there, to all of you who did notice this little project

Some time has passed and I am willing to share the progess which has been made.

Here is the short link to the page we have created so far:

As of right now the page still lacks some important features and design attributes. It is possible to take a look and get a ‘‘raw sample’’ of what it should look and feel like once it is finished.

Reason I’m posting this is because as of right now there’s only one main programmer doing all the heavy lifting, if, perhaps, few more people could jump in (by investing few hours or so) this project could progress further at a faster pace!

If some of the ideas are still not clear or information is lacking or mixed, let me know! I will try to describe the concept and the expected outcome as good as I can!

Would be great to build this platform, which would be benefical to a lot of users, as I believe a lot of important data and notes can be missed in these long build logs and posts.

We intend to incorporate compare function, so that it is possible to take a look at 5 different boards at the same time.

Next level would be VESC DATA UPLOAD. You could see what parameters/settings others are using and perhaps borrow some of the ideas/info out of it.

And, finally, one of the things which are sort of close / important for me right now - somewhat decent AMP DRAW DATA, of course, this is heavily depending on the user input but I do hope that we generate some interest in the future and that we start collecting easy to access field data for Li-Ion battery pack builders.

Hold on till our next update!


Important to know is that this project has the backend wtitten in PHP!

Is this project somewhere on github? This would make contributing easier. If i find the time to finish my VESC XML parser and validator, i could add this too.

EDIT: Maybe @makevoid wants to add some of his Ideas:

But maybe it is better to wait for the rewrite of the BLDC-Tool, as the data-structure will also be subjected to changes.

Hi guys just to chip in - I have experience (in order of best known) of HTML, PHP, and a little bit of JS. Im sure i could help out in my downtime if im needed? Depends on the amount of work - cant guarantee much as I have a full time job.

I’ve checked out all the sites in this thread, at very least I could help out with your data structures and display in PHP, and have a good shuffle round of the HTML/CSS to make the site more aesthetically pleasing :slight_smile:

Vesc esc firmware revisions vs failures. Known firmware issues and fixes

how are you going to code this up?

What do you mean exactly?

Tech stack / language etc etc