Creative ways to make my helmet more noticeable

So I’ve switched helmets again. My hair is big and full face helmets give me headaches. I understand how dangerous eskating can be and although I didn’t hit my head, I did get hit by a car while wearing my lighter skateboard helmet. So, I finally bought another one. It wound up being black and I know how hard it is for people in there cars in broad daylight to see us so I figured I’d creatively make my helmet more obvious. I’m specifically looking for ways to look more noticeable in daylight. I actually think neon lights and all the lights on my board make me noticeable in the dark. So that hasn’t been a problem yet.

PS, I recommend trying the helmet on before buying it. I got to try out a bunch of different ones and learned how much differently different ones feel between brands and models.


What helmet is that?i too have dreads and have a helmet problem :3

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Bits of reflective tape


Is that an Retro S3 with a visor? I didn’t even know s3s had visor options

This will turn heads


It’s the bell custom 500 with a bubble face thingy

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I was thinking that but more lol

Err gotcha and my bad I meant the s-one not S3 lol


The one I have has the buttons to add accessories

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I think I’d need the seizure lights version lol

I’m assuming and ??

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It was on sale at revzilla wear I got it. I got the tinted version

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And yes, same helmet

Jesus! This thing looks like an old deepwater diver helmet with that bubble :smiley:

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Ritdye and an old broom head image


I like that idea. I’d have to do the Mohawk in bright purple

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I use a triple8 skate helmet and it comes super reflective at night, during the day it looks kinda gray but at night it looks like the reflective bumps on the road



Awesome! would you say it has a wide enough FOV when riding?