Critique my parts list and help me make sure it will all work/find cheaper parts!

Im ok with spending this much, but if I can I would like to reduce the cost as much as possible. Thanks for any input at all, and any tips that I may need as a first time DIY’er.

For the love of god please do not get that battery pack. It’s a 10s5p but made of 2000mah cells which gives you a pretty bad capacity. Diyeboard has also been quite sketchy.

  • get a pack custom built of 30qs. 10s4p or larger if you want to go further.

Other things:

  • I’d use the flipsky VX1 controller over the nano one. It’s the same cost and the nano requires you to ‘remind’ the calibration after every power cycle
  • I’d use a loopkey as a power switch, will cost you only a few bucks over the $39 flipsky one. I also hear switches fail for many.
  • Get wheel pulleys and motor pulleys from @dickyho. They’re better quality than the diyeboard ones and for not much more cost. Also the diyeboard one is 13mm whereas it looks like you’re doing a 15mm setup.
  • I’m a fan of fibreglass enclosures now, so eboosted and bigben can set you up. Streetwing I believe also sells some of bigben’s enclosures. Cheaper ABS options exist too but aren’t quite as sturdy.
  • Banana connectors and heatshrink you can grab off amazon for half the cost.

And typically expect to spend more than your budget :slight_smile: so keep that in mind. good luck!


Awesome thanks a ton! Any recommendations for a decent battery with a BMS integrated if this one wont cut it?

I’d pick up a battery built by someone on the forum. Where in the world are you?

Since this is a power build, something like a 10s4p would be the minimum in my opinion.

And by forum he means the other forum that is now forbidden to be mentioned here

@Acido @pjotr47

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exactly my thoughts!

most important, don’t buy that battery! it is really shit (especially for vesc 6.6), you will throw your money in garbage. actually, I would skip diyeboard completely. get charger from ebay/aliexpress.

use loopkey instead of antispark switch.

if you like trigger control, you can get gt2b remote from hobbyking, also awesome remote.

if you are in EU, I can build battery for you. I guess you are not in a hurry with it since you still have to start ordering parts.

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For some reason, I thought you only offered packs in AUS. I know Dareno loves your work. Good to know!

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@BillGordon I don’t know if you answered to me, but I am from EU and I can ship only inside EU. I never had any business with Dareno (he is in AUS, right?), maybe you have mistaken me for someone else? :smiley:

Mixed you up with TinnieSinker. I’m going to put the dunce cap on now and go stand in the corner.

Sorry, bro.

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Hahaha no problem! :grin:

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this dude has excellent deals on boards and he’s quite helpful. https://forum./t/m-hboards-battery-building-services-5-of-profits-donated-to-esk8-news/7017