Crownwheel/ownboard direct drive?

Looks pretty promising that Chinese manufacturers are jumping on the dd train, pretty cool that it means the diy community is leading the way in innovation


This is Ownboard?

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I’m not sure but Crownwheel belongs to same group company that has ownboard. I heard from ownboard sales staff.

They have shop in so maybe we can get them with cheaper price by group buying.

I’m very interested in character of these. Crownwheel’s, Metasurf’s, torqueboard’s (not released) and Carvon’s (torque/speed).

Looks maybe like steel. How they connect those two parts? There are no screws…

what parts?

I can’t upload a picture but I’m talking about motor can (a cylinder) connected with this ring… aaaahhh don’t know how to explain that. This darker color with lighter color :smiley:

Haha I know what your talking about, it is most likely a press fit or each piece has groves that fit together and are held together by the axle nut. That’s what I plan to do so I can disassemble the motor with ease

yep same here, that is my plan too. currently teaching myself CAM on fusion360

I tried to do some cad, it didn’t go that well honestly. I have a basic design but nothing to talk about like some of the amazing renders of parts on this forum. Hint hint @Pedrodemio

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Thanks! Kind of know what you are talking about but not 100% sure I understand it :wink: Can someone show this?

Kind of like how urethane is held onto hub motors with the square sections that the urethane sits into to stop it from being able to spin. I want to do something like that although it might be too difficult to machine and I will just use Loctite to bind the pieces

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Seems pretty sweet, if they were compatible with the ownboard esc it would make for a great Budget direct drive.


If @LEVer doesn’t get his stuff together fast, he’s going to be pushed out of the dd market he created pretty soon. Cheaper Chinese alternatives popping up fast plus hummie and Dexter releasing their own.


I get the feeling @LEVer would be thankful :roll_eyes:


I don’t think He Cares. His quality product IS for people with deeper pockets and Higher Standards.


Sure but Hummie and Torqueboards are also in that market and in my opinion have much much better costumer service.

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There’s also Metadrive no? Or it is actually Dexter’s DD?

There’s Metasurf, Torqueboard Meepo is also hinting they are coming out with DD as well.

You mean metasurf right?

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fixed thanks! They call the product metadrive, the brand is meta surf

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