Cruiser Esk8 Plans

Hello fellow Esk8ers,

I have built an electric Longboard as my graduation work for high school. It was awesome and I had a lot of fun building it. However since the LiPo Batteries gave up on me I wanted to build a new one. I am in College now and it would be perfect to have a smallish Cruiser Board as a transportation from A to B. My wishes for this board are the following:

  • Small enough to carry it in one hand whilst walking (Cruiser Deck)
  • Not too heavy
  • Decent range (around 15 miles (more would be even better))
  • Doesn’t has to be fast (16 mph is fine for me)

I would like to use my ‘old’ parts from my Longboard. I own the following:

  • 180mm Paris trucks (with motor mount welded on)
  • Orangatang Kegels
  • Turnigy SK3 6364 190
  • Gear ratio 3:1

In my old build I used a pair of 6s LiPo’s in parallel. However I would love to use a battery pack with included BMS and On Off Switch (however it has to support 220V and has to have the Swiss inlet), since charging was a bit of a pain with the lips charger. And I would like to use a dedicated ESC for esk8s, in my last build I used a car RC ESC, which made a whole lot of noice, while braking and braking was a bit aggressive for my taste.

All in all I would like to build something similar as the new Boosted Board mini (range of the X and speed of the S).

Do you have any suggestions for the missing parts for my build? (cruiser deck, battery, ESC (VESC?)) and should I keep the motor or switch that one up as well?

I would be very thankful for any suggestions regarding this build. Thanks in advance and greetings from Switzerland.


im doing something similar right now…making a 10s3p 27.5" cruiser with dual 6355 motors and these 76mm wheels as i thought the smaller wheels would look better with the smaller deck

i wonder if you could fit a 10s3p battery underneath an arbor pocket rocket?

im no expert with batteries, but from what ive read, aside from a 10s3p having better range, people are often underwhelmed with the power of 10s2p batteries (which I originally wanted to do)

hoping for 15+ miles of range and a top speed somewhere between 20-25 mph

I can speak to the quality and functionality of FOC boxes if you have the budget. Alien power systems has a very small anti-spark on/off switch. The bms normally runs off of 25.6V or the normal voltage of the battery. You need to get a power supply to power the bms. A laptop style power brick or 3D printer power supply generally work well

Thanks for the reply. Those wheels would look amazing with an arbor board! Yeah I was hoping to get a smaller battery and sacrifice speed for that. I am still debating on what kind of parts I’m going to go with

So you wouldn’t recommend going for a smaller battery, say a 6s4p ?

I never mentioned anything about the battery. 6s4p would get you about the range you are looking for. Plus, 6s BMS are easy to come by

I have personally fallen in love with the TRAMPA street boards for commuter boards😍

haha not a little overkill?

I can’t do anything without a tail. The retro 80s decks are AWESOME commuter boards.

See the screws on the front, that’s a handle under the nose…

That’s a 30.5" x 10" deck

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I never said it wasnt😉

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So a 6s4p would do the job just fine right? And it would work with the focbox, most motors and switches right?

what wheel size?

That one in the photo is 107mm

Ah that’s why, the board seems a little small haha

Yes. Do you have experience with 18650 batteries? I personally prefer 6 of these in pack of 2 parallel and 3 series.

Does “27.5” cruiser" mean Penny board now? Or am I missing something?

Cruiser to me, means anything comfortable for cruising, which I find Penny’s to be the opposite. What I think of a cruiser as is something wide, comfortable, beginner friendly featuring soft, yet small cruising wheels. Something like a 1980’s skateboard with 60mm wheels and 10inch wide

At Tactics board shop online the cruiser selection features all “shaped” decks or novelty style type decks basically the opposite of functional, yet I find them extremely functional. Decks like the Welcome brand or shaped Anti-hero stuff…anything 9 inches wide and most of them have longer wheelbases.

There’s also the “ditch” skateboards which are basically the same thing, because ditches typically have crappy non-smooth cement and they are sometimes dirty with gravel, those who skate them use a larger and softer wheel, but not quite “longboard wheel” sizes. Powels Gslides or Ricta Clouds fit the bill.

I see many younger people calling Penny boards “cruisers” and I’m confused…I totally think of what @b264 just posted as a cruiser, and I think of a Penny (anything shorter than 30 inches) as a Penny…

No not yet, but I haven’t had good experiences with hobbyking lipo batteries unfortunately

Understandable. Curious. What issues have you had?

Well charging didn‘t always go well. I used a LiPo charger and it never read 6 cells and then I had to charge as a lower battery pack and go upwards until it finally read 6 cells. I thought, that I had discharged my batteries way too much. But I had enough Voltage, that it shouldn‘t have read such a low voltage

If your going to use a 6s4p you might as well go 10s3p as it’s only slightly more cells and won’t need as much current, it will also have more range