Cruiser w/Hub motors, help

Hey everyone,

I have a few off the shelf e-boards, but interested in building something a little faster. I have read all the stickies a few times, but still unsure on a few things I prefer to ride a shorter board, and as low to the ground as possible. Ultimate goal is 25-30mph top speed, hub motor, 10+ mile range. Doesn’t need to go up anything beyond a 5% grade since I live in NYC. Looking for advise on batteries that would fit a 19.25" wheel base, and dual hub motor suggestions. I’m not super technologically proficient, but can enlist the help of some Co workers (electrical/mech engineers) where needed. Things I’ve sorry of decided on/have:

Deck: Hi5ber Ion-34 Deck Dual Ollin VESCs TorqueBoards Mini RC remote


10 or 12s battery. Looking for a battery/BMS/enclosure combo that would work with my deck if possible. Will build custom if need be

Hub motors - Seems like no one has any in stock. Might be able to get some hummies steels in a few weeks. I am biased towards hubs because I had to use huge wheels on other boards to prevent snapping motor brackets of from crappy NYC streets. Also unsure how hubs will hold up to the abuse.

I appreciate any guidance/advise. Money isn’t a huge issue, and if prefer to buy quality parts instead of just trying to build a cheap board that will inevitably fail Sorry for the newbie questions, and thanks in advance for any help

I’ve heard good things about the Torqueboards hubs. I’ve ordered two of them and they’re supposed to be shipping out soon. I’m planning on running them on 12S with some lipos and a BMS. If you’ve got the cash I’d definitely consider purchasing it assembling a lithium ion pack though.

Cool. So would something like the 12s battery from diy work well? diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s3p/

Would just barely fit, and could print an enclosure to house the VESCs attached on top. That plus the 130kv hubs should get me to 30mph I imagine. Not sure on range or how to even calculate that…

Just going to put this out there, the longer the board, the more stability at high speeds. Don’t expect to hit 30mph and feel safe on that board

I agree with the above comment, going 30 though traffic would be scary as hell. But that being said anything a 10S2P or more will get you 11 miles minimum. But dual motors you might want a 12S to lower the amps drawn from your cells. Good analogy: more voltage = having bigger muscles. More amps = more energy used.

Edit: a note on hubs a lower kV than an outrunner is ok because the gearing is 1:1.

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Yea, everyone keeps telling me that 30 is too fast, but as someone who has skated my entire life, semi professionally (rails, stairs, etc) I am very comfortable. I’ve bombed hills on a normal skate deck, with 50-something mm wheels, hitting 40 mph, so I know how to handle speed on a small board. Obviously won’t be hitting 30 through crowded midtown streets.

A 10s3p Samsung 30Q battery would be perfect. It’s small and has tons of amp delivery. Failing that you should look at Enertion’s fire sale Space Cell batteries, both 10s3p and 10s4p.

I would NOT use a 12s as ERPM can be an issue and as you are self-styled not very technically proficient I’d would suggest a better safe that sorry approach.

You might consider the Bechwheel or Nano-X remote, both are much tougher than the mini. The mini-remote is ok, but the housing feels pretty weak (I just got one a couple of weeks ago).

They’re powerful, but cheap. I bought a single kit and within a couple of days, the magnets got loose. Also, the screws strip easy.

I have tried a few similar builds for NYC. Lots of tradeoffs, right now one of my hub decks looks close. Loaded truncated Tesseract, dual Ollin vesc, dual carvon v2.5, 12s2p (swappable for extended range), 97mm, 2.4hz mini remote, freeboard bindings. I agree in the 12s vs 10s argument, but in limited wheelbase situation would still go 12s3p or 12s4p with stacking vesc before going 10s. Just my preference, but the performance of 12s on dual Carvons on 97mm has been impressive. And I have beat the hell out of those hubs and they haven’t even blinked lol…yet another reason I am installing carvon v3 hubs in a few weeks!

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I hear great things abut Carvon Motors, from what I can tell, there is no way to purchase them. Is that correct?

Carvon is moving away from DIY and focusing on completes. Not selling hubs alone anymore except to existing customers. Every once in awhile there are used V2 or V2.5 hubs offered on the forum. You might look into buying one of the new Carvon completes, EVO. he has the hub motors and vescs in the one spot!

Yeah but they out of stock it’s like everybody out of stock or not making them maybe I should wait and see what comes out summer and just get belt setup