Curious if i'm understanding this

The Proton will have a 10s3p battery of 30q cells … huge range!

This is exactly why i’m moving to 12S5P as the default pack size for my boards. Even on a 12S4P voltage sag happens. It is definitely not as bad as these commercial boards but it can be noticeable at the bottom the discharge cycle for sure, and can even trigger the BMS to shut down if you try to floor it while in the bottom percentages. The most sag i’ve seen on a 12S4P in my builds is a full two volts, but in my mind that’s two volts two many.


That’s only 45A of discharge though. It can be hard on the battery depending on board setup and riding environment.

i’m about to put 40 of those 30Q cells in an evolve bamboo GT.

i’ve got two bamboos on my bench right now testing out our hands at battery mods. If it works out we’ll probably provide it as a service.

Nothing keeps us busier than people hating their Evolves.


It will be limited to 20mph and is intended for city use - it should be fine. It is going to be using a VESC-X probably so we can limit the current.

It should be mandatory that at the top of every electric skateboard’s website page, it says do your research before buying an electric skateboard … evolves and chinese knock-offs might not sell as well.


that’s a great idea. It would make an excellent article, thanks.

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Curious… for gearing… I’m thinking of the MBS all terrain black wheels.

Do we have gears available for these to purchase?

Any wheel pulley that can be used with flywheel clones will work with those. The cores are identical to clones.

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Evolve pulleys don’t look like they’d work given the thicker spokes.

I decided to get 10S8P battery it’s on a 42" deck that I got from @longhairedboy and I got two vescs from @chaka I have those mbs wheels as well. I’m sure everything is going to last a very long time.


We talkin quality parts! Did you get the 4.12 Vescs or the Ollin ESC?

I’m going to see about getting the Enertion VESC-X ones.

Pulley’s I’ll try to get from thingverse:

Now, I just need to see how to mount the motor, and about the trucks… I want stiff ones, but i have to research what mounts fit with what.

Battery I’ll probably have custom made once I can get all these items nailed down.

I’m not sure what board to use with 100mm wheels. I want a kicktail for sure… 9mm wide, 40-40 in length

80 cells packs are nice! Roughly 24 Ah @ 36v if using hg2 or 30q cells. You get about the same performance from a 60 cell pack made of Sanyo 21700’s… 24 Ah @ 36v. The 21700’s actually take up less space lengthwise and only add a few millimeters in thickness.


I almost did your fuse wires build but I chickened out and got these battery holders instead.

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ooo neat! :smiley:

evolve pulleys have to be shaved to work with clones. they’re designed for genuine abecs

Yea, that sounds like annoying amount of work

it is. took me over an hour with a dremel to get those damned evolve pulleys to work with the clones.

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