Current draw from meepo/wowgo/YEEPLAY motors

Can anyone with spare batteries and motors of YEEPLAY/meepo hubs tell me peek current draw to decide if 10s2p 25R pack will be enough or 10s2p 30Q …

If you have any of them does the cause sag?

I read in some post that it’s around 20A. Even 20700b will be tortured. 2p works but expect big sag on inclines and lower life of the cells. So better solution would be going with cheaper cells like 25r and when they die, get new ones ehehe

All the cells named work fine. I can’t report any significant sag with 10s2p Sanyo 20700.

Yep like Groziny said, it’s max 18A so if you do a 10S2P just go for VCT6 cells and it will be fine. They will have 2-3V sag when pulling 18A which is no problem. My friend has a 10S2P 30Q and meepo esc and he has no problems, rang of 20km but if you make the pack by yourself I should go for the VCT6 to be safe.

Thanks for the info, I am thinking to make the pack before i used to use lipos , but if its 20A , and 10s2p 25R can provide 40A continuous why would there be sag?

There is always sag. 25R cells are rated for 20A max, at this current the cell will have huge sag but it can handle the current but doesn’t mean that it performs good. A lot of voltage sag means lower speed and faster cut of voltage so less range. IMG_20180908_124729 IMG_20180908_124848 IMG_20180908_124950 You can clearly see at 10A (that’s the max that the esc can pull) that the samsung 30Q and VCT6 are just better in all aspects. The VCT6 is just a little better than the 30Q. The sag values are just average values and the sag changes when draining the battery, but you can see how you can guess/calculate the sag.


Okay got it, In India highdrain cells at proper price are hard to get and I recently found one selling 30Q and 25R soo thought to a make pack. Thanks for info I will tryto get vtc6 , else will go for 30Q. Thanks everyone for your time :slight_smile:

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This made me decide against the VTC6, look at the diagram and capacity loss from the 30q compared to the more expensive vtc6. I know the test is not realistic, nobody would drain their batteries to 2.5V but I still believe that the 30q is a better long term solution. Quick question to native English speakers or pros who know it, would you substitute “their” with another word? In German we would say: “Keiner würde SEINE Batterien…”

PS: Just to give you more information to decide which battery you want.

Where is that battery discharge curve interface? That’s super useful