Current parts recommended as of May 2017

Hey guys,

Soooo there’s definitely SOOO much to read!!! I’m starting to slowly understand how each component works together.

My question is… At this very moment, what setup would you guys recommend for a more regular street type vibe? Geared more for stability at a higher speed on roads than offroad. Some people have been running their setups for a little while now and might offer one motor versus the next. One board versus the next, etc… The goal for me is to have something that supports 220pounds, goes upto 50km/hr (but driven at around max 40), with a good range of something around 40km. Weight… I figure it will end up being in the 20-30 pound range because of the required range?

My situation is that I could use one of these to more easily get to work versus taking the bus. Also means I can take back streets, jump onto a race track (literally the montreal quebec race track, to get downtown), then navigate through a few city streets. Thus why on the track part I can go a bit quicker versus once I hit the main streets. I also need all terrain because the quebec roads suckkkkk. lol

That said, I’m curious:

I see there’s a VESC and VESC-X. Which one is not recommended, which one is better, based on current findings to date?

Wheels, which set of 6-8inch wheels should one go with for an all around street “touring” type setup versus offroad.

Trucks? Would you recommend those with springs for a more stable touring ride, or? Which would you recommend?

Board? Which ones have you grown to prefer for a bigger more AT setup? Brand/size?

LiPo vs Li-ion for a thinner setup (without welding/soldering, etc…) Which one is recommended?

Gears? Recommended from where? I’m assuming a 15/66 type gearing-ish…

Motor(s): Which do you prefer? Which one seems to be lasting the longest? Which ones to totally avoid?

Remote Controller: Which seems to hold its connection, functions well, feels good?

My first post, hopefully it makes sense… I’m reading alot and because there’s so many different items with diff dates too… Hard to know if, as of right now, a current battery or motor setup is still recommended versus a setup from 2016.

Thanks guys I def def appreciate any input :smiley:


Unless you really want to make your own board, I would wait for the EBB (Electric Board Builders) cruiser to be released for preorder in a month - it is being developed by members of the community (like @lox897) and will use super high quality components. It will be built by community builders so it will be well put together and will only cost $799 (not expensive considering the parts that are being used are super high quality). The board will have the following specs (at this stage in development) kegels wheels, abec 7 bearings, 10s 9Ah battery (33km range and 2h15 charging time), 33" cruiser deck, vesc and remote with oled (links to an app so you can change max speed on remote.